Xbox seems likely to sell TV streaming sticks


In an interview with Strategic Ary Microsoft's Phil Spencer speculated unsettling xbox game streaming sticks Spencer's quote. I think you're going to see lower priced hardware as part of our ecosystem. When you think about streaming sticks and other things that somebody might want to just go plug into their TV and go play via x cloud, you could imagine us even having something that we just included in the game pass subscription that gave you an ability to stream x cloud games to your television and buying the controller. That's what he said on the other end of the scale Spencer also mentioned the idea of. xbox game pass platinum with guaranteed access to new xbox hardware. It sounds like he means kind of a spin on xbox all access which right now bundles in xbox game pass with a payoff plan for an xbox series x the verge notes that Microsoft had a similar plan for an xbox streaming device back in two thousand sixteen but it canceled that Roger I. Know You were you're an Xbox user in you. You were sort of interested in this idea of of a video game streaming stick. The whole thing that Microsoft is I mean the transparent about it is that they're treating. We've mentioned this before on the show it's games as a service. So the whole idea is, how do we lower the barrier for people who aren't part of our XBOX user base to play to play our games, use our service and and earned that way how? Do we do it. We already have. We already have a system in place. So why don't we roll out gaming which is, which is basically what cloud is and then how do we take that and make it so someone doesn't necessarily have to buy for five, six, hundred dollars worth of hardware in order to access those same services I mean, it's brilliant. I think it's a very shrewd move on Microsoft's part. Not Knowing exactly what something like this would cost. Clearly, it'd be more less than at a console one of the newest for someone like May who's like? Okay, not much of a Gamer, there's only so much space I have to put something you know the idea of kind of physical console stuff I don't really like that. I don't really want that even if there was a great reason or a game that was driving me in the whole stream stick thing in two thousand sixteen maybe Microsoft was like the world not yet totally ready for this today people use them for all sorts of for all sorts of content and I think it's I think it's a really good

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