With another update in 30 minutes on the campaign trail over President


On the campaign trail over President Obama at a drive in rally in north Miami, Florida for Joe Biden slamming President Trump's handling of the pandemic. Canada They're for Cabinet. Death rates. Just 39% of what are this President Trump and his rally in North Carolina Covert covert covered a plane goes down. 500 people dead. They don't talk about it. Covert, overt, covered over by the way on November 4th. You won't hear about it anymore, President saying We're rounding the corner even as the nation Friday logged 83,000 confirmed cases, the most since the pandemic began, and the president in moments to rally in Ohio, his second stop of the day. In Nigeria. Tom Police official ordering the immediate mobilization of all officers to quote reclaim the public space from criminal elements masquerading as protesters this after days of peaceful demonstrations over police abuses and then violent unrest, but left 69 people dead. Dave Packer, ABC News Good Afternoon. Here's a look at Traffic Thie. Eden's Inbound slows around Cicero 20. Minutes from Lake Coat to the Kennedy Junction out pounds. 15 Kennedy hung up from Foster into Sacramento and North Avenue to the burned 31 from O'Hare downtown 18 from Montrose. Pounds clear to the junction, 26 to O'Hare Express lanes could save two minutes outbound. Eisenhower's 35 between 3 90 The

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