How Dancing Got This Homeless Woman Hired


I love these inspiring stories of someone. Making progress. Says all this article. This went viral this story I'm about to share with you this. Particular article comes from People magazine. The inspiring story of a young woman who's happy dance went viral. After she accepted a job offer. Colli Jones recently went viral. With her dance after she as the reason job interview and in the parking lot was caught on security cameras on September twenty-ninth. Jones met manager dicara Spence interview for a server. Opening at the spot, which is a restaurant outside of Atlanta metropolitan area that point. Jones had been homeless for two years of struggling to find work during the corona virus. Spence. Who did the interview said she had a great energy about her I fell to when she walked in. She was very positive. The interview went well, and when Jones left the restaurant a short time later she celebrated by dancing in the parking lot. She did not know that Spence would see her or watch her celebration through the security camera. Jones said I was excited when I got outside I didn't know that the cameras were on me with the spontaneous celebration spins knew she had found a perfect fit for the team and Jones I called her phone. And said, I'm going to hire you and I've seen you do the happy dance you can continue dancing. She was just screaming through the phone. It was a beautiful moment for me. Now here's why I love this this young lady Collide Jones. Homeless unemployed. Homeless for nearly two years. She goes in does the interview she feels so good about the she knew she did great. She wasn't aware that she was going to get the job. She felt really good about it. And she allowed herself. In the midst of tremendous uncertainty, two years, folks of being homeless. She allows herself a moment of celebration to say I, feel like I nailed that one that went really really well, and you've got to imagine that that's one of the few things that had gone well for her and she allows this moment to overtake her having no idea. That she was being washed on the security cameras and. She really already had the job, but that's certainly. Locked it in so unbelievable. well-spent. The hiring manager posted the video to social media and it's been viewed by millions. And Jones's comet was I was going through so much. This is collide as the gala got the interview they got the job. She said I was going through so much at that point when I was given this chance and this opportunity I was so elated. So excited. So overwhelmed. To the point that no one understood how happy and accomplished I felt at that moment. So she had a she had a wonderful wonderful response and you know the reasons gone viral is because we as human beings need two things. Number One We always need positive stories. To hold onto in the midst of our own. Struggles in our own grind. And then we need to see other people winning. It's not just that we need a positive story in something good to hang onto in the midst of this corona pandemic. In all of the things that have been thrown completely helter skelter result of it is not that we just need some positive optimistic. Touches. We also in the best of times, still need to see other people winning. We get excited when we see other people win the reason we like watching these things in listening to these things is because it spurs US along. So Colli thank you for your happy dates it has helped and encouraged so many people.

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