Playing to Win With Shawn Harper


We are back on the virtual state of the Authority projects. You are the project and we WANNA slept with thirty two your name so you can sell what you're great at in. We have a treat for you today and his name is Sean Hopper. He is a former. Nfl Player. I loved the failed love football all day every day. Like I said we can probably talk about that for an hour. But we're not here for that. We're here to to make sure that you finish off strong in twenty twenty but before we dive in. Please tell US Shawn first of all who you are personally and professionally personally. Shaun Harper personally a warrior. I'm a child of God. I don't hide that. I think that often is huge. And so what? I'll just you know go there you know speaking with. Your Voice of WHO? You are mentally spiritually socially is is is extremely important if you WANNA win in two thousand twenty and end in two thousand twenty one Born raised in the south side of Columbus Ohio Had had had a very interesting childhood. But I've learned how to rebrand my adversity By looking for opportunities in looking at it from a perspective of gratitude professionally like you mentioned plate seven years professional football with the rams with the colts retired. And now I Not only run. I have my own firm for almost twenty years. I teach people how to win. That's me I love it awesome. I am so excited So tell us right now before we go further in. Tell us what project. You're currently working on right now. We know what right yes short. I just finished my first Coaching course it's it's it's actually finished. It's so new that I'm not even gonNA advertise today. A Shaun Harper wins. Probably some time next week. It'll be up but I am so excited about that in house actually challenged because you know I cut my teeth on speaking so I travel in speak all over the world and people have been challenging me like you know what this great. You're able to speak great. You have a platform but you know what when you leave. You're gone you know where the books so I hadn't heard him get books like where's your courses and so I had my first course finishing s what. I'm working on right now. Okay great okay. So let's let's get into it. Let's get into it. Tell us where do you begin? Tell us your journey like what took it to this place where you're in the space of being on stage. You're doing courses now. You're you're writing books to inspire others the that all Derived FROM OKAY. So in order for you to For me to really explain that I have to give a little back story of my personal life of my upbringing. In a kind of forced a shift in my perspective ideology and my thinking born born and raised in the south side of Columbus Ohio. And most people think you know if you play professional football your business owner you must have had great opportunities growing up silver spoon in the mouth and you know nothing. Nothing I promise you. Nothing could be further than the truth. I struggle started early a as a a product of a single home environment. Mom was mom and Dad End in Butler made whatever you have as what she wasn't. She raised six of us all by herself. Amazing six kids. One house bathroom Mom did that. She's she's a remarkable woman Educationally I really suffered a had to repeat the first grade document with four to five learning disabilities by ten miles in the fifth grade. I was kicked out of two schools for disciplinary issues Left Highschool with the one point. Six two accumulative Jeff. Nine Alesi T. A. in fact I didn't even start in a well. I barely started in high school football. I wasn't honorable. Mention all conference all city allstate or intergalactic. None of that in fact I would. I would sit at the banquets now. The other way in the back eating at nasty court on blue and guys are getting into audience. Awards and I was just so upset. I wouldn't I wouldn't tell no one but I was extremely depressed. Angry in in fact. I was voted most likely to fail in. Know right here From graduating last in my class in academics I get a phone call from junior college two year school in Iowa. And you're like Sean. We want you to come to Mason City Iowa. Junior college to play football coach. Believes you have this thing called potential. You know what a that and a I go to the Cornfield. The cornfields of Mason City Iowa in the first year at the junior college. I sat the bench the entire season. Not One play and I remember calling my mom like mom I quit. You know I give up. I'm done know know I'm I'm expecting Montlake. Baby you try come on home the opposite boy state you. You Ain't coming home like what are you coming home to get violent. Just just things in home. No don't get stale way and sometimes that shift is good for kids and so going into the second year. I had a conversation with myself and the conversation was more on the lines of you're right or they're right. You don't have the education. You don't have the accusation. You horwood football you suck right now. Okay There's no way you can be successful right but you can win. You can win and the moment I made that paradigm that shift in my mind you can win. I begin to look at life differently. A beginning look at life as a challenge to begin to look at opportunities that I've never seen like I begin to macgyver. Life right and I went from sitting on a bench with the winning mindset that I was able to adapt if you want to expand on that to being you know junior college hall of Fame All Region Full Scholarship Indiana University draft any. Nfl Pick in fourth run to taking the same concept of winning and bringing bringing it to corporate America.

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