59: The Last Laugh

Israel Story


Extremely honored. While it was definitely surprising that NASA approached him of all people in many ways a all was uniquely qualified for the mission the world. Doesn't really need another painter. What's unique about these my ability to sort of combine right brain left brain. He was born in one thousand, nine, hundred, seventy in Tel Aviv into a family that was deeply impacted by the Holocaust. His father gets was born during World War. Two in Romania and his family spent the war on the run. His Mom Hana was born in a DP camp in Germany right after the war ended. Both of them suffered from lifelong trauma and depression. For years his mom was in and out of hospitals. But growing up a all never let any of that bring him down quite the opposite for him. The pain and resiliency saw was a motivator. Yes. You have all the rights and the reasons complain to be angry but strive to create greatness and as a kid a all often felt that potential for greatness most acutely when he was doing one of two things, the I was painting by painted nonstop and the second was looking up to the heavens you're looking at something that so many other people looked at before it makes you humble. Like artists and stargazers around the world, a always often lost in his thoughts was very shy boy, very, very shy and one day I went to acco festival. The year was nineteen eighty-six they all was sixteen and China seem tough it bring a sleeping bag for the overnight stay. But at the end of performance by one of his favorite bands, the alternative rock group. Tattoo a minor miracle occurred. As he stood shivering in the dark a girl about his age walked over her name was Sharon, they began chitchatting and he not been so nervous what happened next would've been the ultimate fantasy of any festival going teenage boy she offered me to nothing happened but she did offer me to be underneath her sleeping bed and was so embarrassed. So half of the night explain her about all the stars, his knowledge of the big dipper and Cassiopeia must have left a lasting impression on. Sharon. WHO eight years later A wife during those eight years a all continued to paint and continued to look up at the skies. He finished high school served in the I as a paratrooper, and then in Monroe and lead computing unit and enrolled at the bits allow Academy of art and design in Jerusalem. But if he initially seemed destined for a career in art or astronomy that will change during his first year up, it's allow see something else caught his attention a new invention that seemed to be ushering in a worldwide revolution and online network called Internet announcing something you've never seen before in an expensive mattress. The Internet Everything was moving at the speed of light and they all always in pursuit of greatness wanted to ride this exciting new wave. I myself really interested in this new Internet thing. He had an idea and set up a makeshift office in his living room. The start up he opened was called Saba and by his third year at university, they were on the verge of becoming one of the first tech giant's in Israel was instagram. Before instagram he created is little animated subroutine. Today we know them as Emojis and actually I guess you can say was the inventor of the Emoji fishing that was way ahead of strong that's John Sculley armed former. CEO of Apple, the former CEO of apple and when he wasn't busy quarreling with young Steve Jobs scully wits kowtow talented whiz kids around the world. That's how he came across a all I'm all back to the mid nineteen ninety s he was on the cover. Of Computer magazine out in Silicon. Valley. Looked the part of an aspiring entrepreneur while he has long hair. And he was very handsome guy. He's clearly a pioneer while as. A dreamer and indeed a all was dreaming big. Before long he dropped out of bits, allow in order to focus on his company fulltime a couple years later, ZAPPA was already too big to manage from Israel. So we all moved to New York to be closer to all the DOT com action and found myself in this rollercoaster journey off. Of the early days of start ups and it was amazing he spent a weekend up in. Maine with Yahoo Calendar Jerry Yang on out with Jeff bezos presented onstage with Mark Cuban and before his twenty seventh birthday Sapa. Already had offices in Tokyo, Palo Alto and Tel Aviv a fourth branch New York was located in schools, own offices, nineteen Israelis, my office. And I remember everybody healing everybody said. Everything. Okay. They'll see the beginning. Whereas rallies that's what we do. He always a poster boy for start up nation long before that was even a term in two thousand and one example is valued at one hundred and seventy million dollars and some of the top media and Internet companies in the world like AOL and vinnie universal expressed interest in buying them out. In other words, y'all was flying high money was flowing and the world seem to be his fingertips. But then The DOT COM honeymoon is coming to a close many parts the world. Again. Twenty Homes have become dot bomb. Tech jobs are now gone described. is nothing short of breath taking a drop never before seen on the US markets gone down down down. Stop. In a matter of three months, the DOT com crashed I had to lay off around hundred people. And here I find myself.

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