A long week off before the Dallas Cowboys. I think the cowboy's gonna lose on Sunday.


There's a back show to throw by Carson with and little Boston Scott somehow finds the football one throw. What a catch. Unbelievable. Could you say and then we look at it now in the division so bad. I don't know if that actually saved the season, but it saved this season right now, after Ah After at Thursday night game. And heading into a long week off before the Dallas Cowboys. I think the cowboy's gonna lose on Sunday. So for the time being that Boston Scott touchdown saved the season. And for those people that don't Believe that Carson Wentz has it in him. Now he's made some terrific throws and different kinds of throws. I'll never forget the throw two Mile Sanders in Washington, where he threaded it right to the back of the end zone. A bullet And that was a different type of throw. This was a touch throat and it was perfect with a really good catch. It couldn't have been thrown any differently. And that catch have been made s O people that don't want to give Carson wants credit, have got to and know that he's got He's got the ability and the talent and obviously he's got it. Cut down his mistakes, which he's done over the last few weeks, and he gets better. And making decisions. The one interception was just a bad decision to throw it in the end zone with all that coverage there, and that's got to stop. But as faras the ability that he has you saw that On Thursday night. Now, let's be honest. It was an ugly game for most of that game. I don't know how many people stayed till the end of that game. I would say most people probably did. But when they're down by 11 in the fourth quarter Maybe you learned your lesson from last week when they almost atleast tied the game up against the Ravens. And came back and stayed with the game. But what this does is it scenario, you think Do you have confidence? In this team. And there's a couple of parts to this. Do you have confidence? That the Eagles will win the division. Which probably gives you a little Ah, a little more confidence because

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