A Friday police involved shooting


Name while Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot interviewed on national TV Friday evening. She reacted to the news that the president hasn't personally attended a meeting of the White House Corona virus taskforce in months, Lightfoot says she still meets with her top health officials on a daily basis. We're seeing country literally twisted turn also daily basis. You were exactly you're not Lightfoot appear it on MSNBC A US Navy training playing crashed on fried in on Alabama neighborhood near the Gulf Coast. Navy Air Force's spokesman Zach Harrell said both people aboard the plane were killed in the crash. The plane flew out of naval Air Station Whiting field about 30 Miles north east of Pensacola, Florida and crash near the city of Foley. In Alabama Fully fire chief Joey Darby said firefighters were able to make a quick stop to the fire after finding a home in several cars engulfed in flames. No injuries were reported on the ground. I'm Jennifer King. President Trump says he thinks Sasha Baron Cohen, the comedian behind

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