Washington DC - 7 Hurt in Crash on Beltway Outer Loop


Parkway still blocked in both directions. Crash investigation continues on Suitland Parkway Ifyou're outbound, you can't get past Silver Hill Road inbound traffic diverted at Suitland Road, 95 south bound in Maryland, around to the outer loop that's still blocked with crash activity. Traffic. All traffic has to exit onto the inner loop of the Beltway toward college Park and Green Belt. North Non Baltimore Washington Parkway after 32 crash along the right side to 70 north bound before the Manaka See River Bridge to believe the crash activity has been cleared from the roadway. But do expect the ladies approaching and passing our banner. Headed toward Frederick City. He's found I 70 near exit 35. That's the Boonsboro exit route. 66 single file left gets past the cleanup from the earlier tractor trailer Fire Branch Avenue South bound after Woodyard road crash along the left side and going back into AA Fred or Ah, Washington Frederick off, this is Frederick County, Emmitsburg and actually near Ah, the Pennsylvania State line 15 near route 1 40 block both ways for police activity.

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