Unemployed Workers Built Up Some Savings. Then the $600 Stimulus Checks Stopped


Now than they were early in the summer. And they're spending is likely to fall further as their newfound savings are exhausted. Kelly Griffin, a night worker in Massachusetts, so her income dropped by about two thirds wants the supplemental benefit ran out. It was hard you don't got to eat. You don't spend things unnecessarily and kind of script unscathed and kind of started the panic like Am I ever going to get a job again? Back in Cleveland. McAfee knows that feeling she's been trying to earn some extra money sewing facemask, but she'd much rather be back in a regular job. It is not A situation that I would wish on anybody to constantly be stuck in this with no foreseeable end to it like I don't know when I'm going to get a job again. Hopefully it will be soon, but Until then, it's just constant stress for everybody. The Senate is expected to consider a stripped down relief package on Monday, but hopes for a new federal help before the election. Are slim. Scott Horsley. NPR NEWS

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