Episode 155: Skin Deep



Is An iceberg the things we can see from the ship the details we know and the documentation or proof that we have to back them up or actually just one small portion of a much larger picture. Beneath the waves of time hides entire realm of information that we have yet to uncover. That doesn't mean that each new generation of historian rewrites history. It simply means that the more we dig and the deeper we go the more pieces we have to work with and in the end that makes for a much more comprehensive picture. Might it change things? We thought were true certainly, but it also gets US closer to the real story. Take. The story of our own species the Homo sapiens back in the nineteen fifty scientists believed that our ancestors emerged around two hundred thousand years ago and when a skull was unearthed back in nineteen sixty, one inside a mine in. Marrakesh. A skull that dated to about forty thousand years ago the theories seemed to be confirmed and for half a century that was the case. Then, just a few years ago a New Scientist decided to return to that same mine and dig in the layer beneath where the skull was found soon, enough the remains a five new skeletons were discovered also Homo Sapien. Stone tools but when those tools were dated, the results repainted the entire picture rather than forty thousand years old these new remains were three hundred thousand years older shattering theories about the emergence of our species. Like I said history is an iceberg and the same can be said about folklore. There are stories and legends. We've told each other for centuries from tribal campfires to Hollywood blockbusters but many of the details have been worn away or buried beneath the waves of time they were once part of the larger picture but now they are all but forgotten. So today I want to take you on a journey into the past to explore one of our favorite corners of folklore and see what the shadows might be hiding. But be warned because while the core of this legend might be familiar to most of you. There is a darkness just beneath the surface waiting to break free. And if there's one thing we can all

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