The hunter Biden story. Well, now we know That Facebook


US Mexicans are not going to forget that Trump called us all rapists. You represent them all, huh? Okay. Also, by the way, she is demanding that the Trump campaign make people wear masks. And you know, the Trump campaign treats you like adults. And this is after Ah great story from the Daily caller. They did analysis asking all kinds of health departments where trump rallies have taken place. Are these rallies causing spikes in covert? Are these super spreading rallies? Answer is no. I have the story of my Facebook, Twitter and Palmer. Go see for yourself. Second thing I think you need to know is that why did Facebook Why did they sit back? And not let people share the hunter Biden story. Well, now we know That Facebook has a content regulation manager. And her name. Eyes, Anna. Hannah McKay new Jew, McCann Ju She used to would be an adviser for Joe Biden on Ukraine's she goes, I'm advising Biden in Ukraine to being the content regulation manager for Facebook. You think she's gonna let that get out? By the way, confirmation over the weekend from Fox, that the guy that I mean, there's a big story guy on the E Mail told Fox. Yeah, you know, Ah H meaning hunters holding back 10% for the big guy, The big guys. Joe Biden. He's getting paid. Third thing I think you need to know. Eyes that the China virus this past week 3.6% as of this morning.

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