Episode 150 - Darin Bibeau

Cleared Hot


Keep your balls need either way? And that's it for. The business side of the house. Let's talk about my yesterday episode number one fifty Darren Bo. Not, spelled like it sounds but dared I met I'm GONNA say probably coming up. This year can't even remember twenty twenty. He had me come out and speak. At, a gathering. There was many other speakers in. We've gotten to know each other before then and then much better afterwards. An. Interesting fellow to say the least he's a man of many talents started off in the coastguard and. I'm not going to say too much about the coast guard right now because he does a good job of unpacking it, they do more than I think. A lot of people realize which is a disservice, and hopefully this podcast will help educate people about what the coastguard does. He served in the Coast Guard as a special operator, and then a private government contractor all over the world. He's conducted operations on the high seas and remote areas around the globe. Since then he has made the transition into the civilian world and runs and owns successful American manufacturing companies most notably the national chimney natural light energy systems nine factories three hundred employees. He's got experience from owning croff it. Facilities he does done some public speaking. He has done mentorship and he's an author wrote the book back to bulletproof, which will link to. In the show notes an interesting man from a background like I said, I don't think most people know about and let's let Darren speak for himself episode number one, fifty with Darrin. The bow enjoy. Smoke. Norfolk. Smoke. The smoke I'm looking at danger close now. A stranger how man so the question is, how honest do we want to be with the listeners about this shit show That occurred last night. So I was in the studio till well after eleven. We sat down yesterday for two hours and chatted about I mean think I feel like we solve. The political environment PC. Culture. I believe we reformed law enforcement. Yes. First Responders in General I. Think we cared cove it cured code for sure I. Think we're. Most of the way there on cancer. Fuck. So we sat down yesterday and you know for the first time. I'd recorded the Cuny episode. Sit, down I have to have to sing stuff up. You have to match the audio and video of its and I've learned all this stuff through trial and error which you know honestly last night was trial and error for me too. But. When you don't the video cameras record slightly different than audio software so you get drift so mouth starts moving. And detaches from the words a little bit they started off great, and then five minutes in It doesn't look good guy speaking Chihuahua. Mouth off. So I had to figure that one out. That was a software solution and I was I was thinking about this last night. So I, pulled the files over. and. I was looking at the wave form and it just didn't look right. So hit the space bar which starts it off. So I could hear it in. I would say it sounded unintelligible but it's it didn't even sound like English it sounded like. A? Piece of Michigan's like just as I. was like Oh my God. Okay it's like, okay. That's that's definitely not going to be the entire episode skipped forward couldn't figure it out. Immediately, pulled up our episode which we just finished because she was sent me that picture of the corn bread and by the way. Welcome. That was amazing. I'm going there for lunch today with my kids. Get back to Soto. Grill. Because we should talk about it because it's one of the one questions that I get for people who visit Calico a lot of people actually come through here and I try to write him up until more to go I always say to grow. So pulled episode sewed which You know here's. In my mind, you know, I, quit Joe Rogan Studio to the Millennium Falcon. Okay maybe I'm like a tie fighter. I don't know that I'm not a star wars scholar more of a Harry Potter scholar I'll have to have. Joann.

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