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Really turned on in two thousand and twenty and is a formidable contender factor. This trying to see it out here comes Casa creed outside and May Mesa bottled up in behind horses parlor senator, the courses coming on that it's English being march to the arch down to the final sixteenth factor. This is still in front here comes English be bearing down partners in between but factor, this is determined factor this one X. Factor. This made fifteen starts for trainer Ed Barker in New York then was claimed at Saratoga, in two thousand eighteen and transferred to trainer. Brad Cox factor this has really blossomed as a five year old though five wins a second and a third and seven starts this year three of those winds were in grade two races and in the race run right before the Kentucky Derby factor this finished second behind digital age in the grade one turf classic there may be more but I can think of just two. Horses who went from being claimed to winning Breeders Cup Race Mary Field who took the two thousand, seven, Philly and Mayor Sprint and furthest land claimed by Ken and Sarah Ramsey who won the two thousand nine dirt Mile Vassiliko came really close to pulling off the feet and last year's Philly and mayor turf finishing second behind era edessa in addition to factor this thoroughbred club of America winner in the midst of Biz, we'll also have a chance to win that distinction when she competes in the Philly and Mayor Sprint. This rise from claimed a Gamer has made for a pretty wild ride for the owners of factor this Minnesota Natives Brian, and Tom Koch Shaw they races gaining ground racing and they're nice enough to spend a few minutes with us here on gate. Let's start with factor this. What is Brad? Cox told you about why he's really turned it on this year. Let's start with Brian. Well. I'll give you an interesting story when we first bought him at Saratoga two summers ago he was a little beat up. We ran them in a couple of three year old races and Brad. Brad said, he needed a break. So sent him to a farm in Kentucky for three months and. When he was finally ready to go back to training I had. I. Called The lady ran the farm and Kentucky told her who I was and she said you're not gonNA. Recognize. Your horse and I'm like, what are you talking about and she said it's completely different horse and when he got here and then I talked to Brad a couple of days later when the horse finally got back to Churchill and he told me the same thing he's like this is a completely different horse. and. So he's just really since between three and four just. Kept on progressing and just keeps keeps getting better and better every race. So I'm not exactly sure where the turning point was obviously at the fairgrounds. Last winter and bring where he really started to turn it on. Yeah you know I think that's right i. mean he's got things feel on the bottom and things feel I think with earl champ as a five year old? So he's Kinda naturally a little bit of a late bloomer. and. I think part of it was trying to figure out a little bit how he likes to run. You know I think now they realized he needs to be at or near the lead. So I think that's had something to do with it but I just think he's a late bloomer and. You. Know. American racing is so concerned about these young horses I think that we Get a little bit overlook sometime. Tom What's it like to be on this ride with him? It's pretty interesting. You know it's funny. We went down to Churchill to watch them run and I never had this reaction before but I was so nervous before the race that was actually not gonNa Watch. It reminded me some parents who used to know that their kids. They couldn't watch him figure skate 'cause they get nervous. So that was the way I was kinda getting to be, but I managed to watch the race. I got it out. Considering my son got hurt in hockey game last night I can certainly understand your sentiment. Oh Yeah. They'RE GONNA go. Hockey you're, from Minnesota, so Brian. Fryer for hockey player. Yeah, I play. I. WanNa Stay Championship for my high school and my son won a state championship with the same high school. So we're we're big hockey family. MINNESOTA. That's no small statement. How has the pandemic? Bryant affected your experience with factor this you said, you saw him run a churchill. Yeah. We were really disappointed. We couldn't go down to New Orleans twenty one. The Muna's I've got a good friend down there. They wanted us to come down and that was right about the time or the were not allowing any fans and back then you know the pandemic was what? I would consider a lot scarier than it is now, but you know people really didn't know what was going on. So there is no way we could go see him down and then we were just fortunate that they let the owners in for the the big race. Kentucky Derby Day I think that was toms first time. He'd ever seen factor this in person I got to see him run one time at Kentucky downs. Last year but that was only my second time seeing them in person so. That was exciting for both of us be able to do that together finally. Do. You consider that to be like watching your assets or your children. Owe, more like shoulder. Believe me. That I could watch it. Oh Yeah. The money's nights and whatnot, but you don't you don't think about it that way. Now, you guys referred to yourselves as gamblers that being said, but Tom you've said that the horse you want bet on a race may not be the best horse to claim what do you mean by that? Well, I mean when we're looking to claim a verse, we're kind of projecting out. He'll what we think he or she can be going forward and you know in any particular ratio looking at there's a a lot of reasons why You would bet on a horse, you know it could be the pace of the race, the kind of race the whether. There's a lot of things that affect our particular race. Who thinks going to win? But it doesn't affect who you think. The best course is going to be in the line run which what you're looking at when you're claiming. So to me, that's basic distinction. Brian. and Tom cut all owners have Breeders Cup, Mile Contender factor this join us here on in the gates O'Brien. Why do you go the claiming group as opposed to going to

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