Bolivia Prepares For Its Long-Awaited Presidential Election


Olivia's presidential election is tomorrow on the atmosphere surrounding it may sound familiar fears of voter fraud, worries about violence and a deeply polarized country. As NPR's Philip Reefs reports. Lender. Yannis is getting ready for Bolivia's election day in the same way you prepare for an earthquake. She's stocking up. Ah, Rose can tell their soul guard. She says. She's bought lots of rice and sugar and plans to slaughter a cow to feed her three kids in case the shops ran out of meat. Yannis is in Bolivia's capital, La Paz. Talking to NPR from a gas station. She's lining up to buy emergency fuel supplies. Just in case there's violence and everything shuts down. People are desperate, says Yannis. They don't know what might happen in the next few days. Bolivians go to the polls tomorrow amid an unprecedented crisis, the pandemics causing havoc so our politics in my three decades of writing and studied Bolivia, I have never seen it. This polarized. Eduardo Gamarra is professor of politics at Florida International University in Miami. He's from Bolivia and believes the countries at a crossroads, its really going through a major transition to either a more stable Bolivia or an incredibly incredible Unstable set of years to come tomorrow says if the first round is tight, and there are allegations of fraud, it could be very dangerous, very, very dangerous because it's in fact, a repetition of last year's scenario he's talking about last November. That's when evil Morales was driven from power after 14 years. Morales was Bolivia's first indigenous president, a Socialist admired by leftists worldwide. He stepped down amid mass protests triggered by US supported allegations that he rigged last year's election. Morales was replaced by an unelected interim president, Jenny Anya's Ah, hardline conservative Christian Morale is his supporters took to the streets, accusing her of a coup. Anya's crackdown. 23 people were killed after government security forces

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