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For me imaginative has always been a place to share stories through video audio, digital interactive, and also through exhibitions and visual arts because I, think there's really a quite a unique way that indigenous artists are telling stories and we are really just showcasing the multitude of these artists and all of the voices however nuance they are from many different nations. Sneaky, little the artistic director of imagine native describing what the festival looks like usually. But things are a lot different this year. Like most festivals, the covid nineteen pandemic has forced things to move online. There's also new faces at the helm. The new executive director, Naomi Johnson happens to be my sister full disclosure. But it's also Nikki. Little's first. Hear is artistic director. Though things are different little hopes. Attendees still feel that festival experience. So every day actually Naomi and I will be giving a short live updates of what you can expect for that day at ten am, and then every day at ten am all of the films that will be released that they are available. So from that point on people out of forty eight hours to watch the films on demand and then. Additionally at two o'clock three o'clock and four o'clock the programmers. So either Susan Blight Adam on Darlene upon our myself will be hosting a feature focus or short program Focus, which is a twenty to thirty minute conversation with directors from from the films from the official programming. So exciting people are bringing. Some of the cast, some of producers and themselves to talk about the work, and then each nightly usually has an event. So definitely look out for those and some of the free programming are the exhibitions, the digital interactive and the audio works. So those are those are at People's leisure to see can meander around and connect to those different spaces. That's Nikki little the artistic director of imaginative. You'll hear more from her a little later on in the show. The Imagination Film Festival August Schellenberg Award of excellence was created in partnership with August wife Joan, corrosive, which Schoenberg. It. Honors members of the indigenous performance community whose contributions reflect Augie, Spirit and commitment to the field. This year's recipient is Lauren Cardinal. Lauren is pretty prolific in his own right. The cree actor was the first indigenous person to graduate from the University of Obama's acting program in nineteen ninety-three. He is more than one hundred film television and stage credits, and he played memorable roles like Davis on Corner Gas Daniel Della of sixty, and he is the voice of Grandpa, nat on Molly of Denali. Welcome to the show learn and congratulations. Thank you very much and congratulations to you fail, and now for listeners we should mention we do know each other we've been on stage together. I think I think only the one time I think the one time but. Incredible actor right, and human beings so Lucky. Company I feel like I'm getting an award right now. So this award the the argue award since affectionately known, it's been given to performers Michael Gray is like Michelle thrush like ten Sukarno. So, how do you feel about taking home the award this year it's a great great honor I knew Avi I've got to work with. A few times and left an indelible mark in my life and he he was one of my mentors. So is lucky to call him a friend mentor. He's He's pretty special human being yeah. I had the chance to work with him a little bit and he was he was quite a force who's quite a force. So I imagine again, you know this, this award is very personal because as you mentioned, he was a mentor and a friend to you. And you guys did work on a number of projects together. You know some of your earliest work was alongside Augie. But for people who might not know who he was, who was he too you? Well, he was a prolific stage actor. He's one of the first classically trained theater native theater actors in Canada. So you know he's he set the bar high right off the bat he went to National Theatre School, and then he moved onto Stratford as well, which is incredible place to be. And in nineteen sixty, four, him being the first native person to be on that stage is is pretty incredible. And Role in the George Regas. Ecstasy of the Joe. When he played the young fireball Jamie Paul which I think every almost every native actor has done that play in one shape or another. Always been, you know setting the bar quite high. One of the films that you start in alongside Augie was to come see the last warrior and the movie is the story of the Shawnee leader and you played his brother loud noise, which is a you know he's a pretty iconic person in history, but also a really meaty role to play. So let's take a listen to the scene where your character loud noise believes he is dying. To search die. Was More hotton inside. Slave lies in. Lust. You're in ski. Misery is not their fault. Zone. Cropped. Can Spirit Foster own spiritual ways. Voice. I was. Be My message. Woke store. That was a little bit from the film to come see the last warrior. So the film came out in Nineteen ninety-five and our guest today learn cardinale starred in it. So, what's it like to listen back to old clips like that Lord I, wonder who that flute player was. Awesome Yeah, it's interesting. Always hearing it going Oh, I could have done or I should have done but. I remember that scene because it was one of the funders scenes to do in the whole in the whole movie. But I. I was Kinda Green when I when I did that role. So you know I always going full out every time. And Way. We shot that particular scene is that we started on the people above me. My brother and sister, and so I was off camera giving them the lines and I went out every single time for that for them off camera, and then she turns to me and she goes. You might want to save some of that for yourself. Oh Yeah I. Guess she goes. Yeah. I. I appreciate it but I don't need all that. I made her cry, which was my thing I just wanted to order. So she could get to the emotion that she needed and she was crying and stuff every time we did it

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