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With the author of The New York Times bestseller the Truth about money coming up on the Rig cattleman show. It's 10 52 at WCBS. Take a look at traffic and weather together with Mike Weinstein. Taking a look at the Hudson Valley with delays continuing Kevin It's north of New York State Thruway between Exit 16 and 17. Probably a little bit closer to 17. But it's a crash One lane has blocked up pretty heavy for well over a mile into that spot. If you're trying to travel around bare mates about Bear Mountain State Park, you are not alone. Certainly heavy delays now too. Oh, too, especially as you come South bandage rewards the circle. More delays at your head East Man George, the Westchester County side of that span coming in from Orange County, Mitani, Tappan Zee Bridge a good alternative. If you're Traveling on the Thruway Get across that portion of the Hudson. No problems to worry about 27 looking good from intended, as is the Hutch, which is just normally slow north by getting up towards across County Parkway. Get past that, though. It's nice ride all the way up past 2 87 enough in Fairfield County Merritt Parkway, Continuing that ride route 15 also in good shape as his I 95 Is your travel north south after Stanford headed towards the Bridgeport area. Meanwhile, the alternate side parking rules able to back in effect for tomorrow. Next traffic update list intended. It's a way of WCBS right now. 54 degrees, Sunshine will see a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon a high of 63 Tonight Partly cloudy low of 53 tomorrow mix

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