France holds defiant rallies after murder of teacher


Have been held across France in remembrance of the Parisian Schoolteacher Samuel Patty Mr. Patty was beheaded on Friday after showing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad to his pupils. The crime has shocked the country a little earlier. I asked our Paris correspondent Tom just watson about the mood in the French capital. Ask. was the sound of thousands of people gathered in Paris's plus the levick public on Sunday paying tribute to the teachers. Some you patty who was killed two days earlier. While his beheading has shocked this country and demonstrations have been held far beyond the Paris area including the cities of Baldo Leon Marseille, and to lose amongst other places. Patty was killed near the school way worked Asaba about three kilometers north of the French capital and it's understood the motive for his killing was that he showed his students caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. Caricatures published by the weekly Shali Abdul back in two thousand fifteen and that triggered deadly attacks on the satirical newspapers headquarters. At the time those characters were then republished by Shali Abdul to coincide with the trial of the accomplices in that two thousand, fifteen attack. This is in fact, the second terror related incident since that trial began because last month a man armed with meat cleaver tried to storm. What he thought was still Shalhoub does headquarters in Paris and two injured two people in what was a botched attack. President, Emmanuel. macron has immediately condemned the killing of some party and he went on to describe this shocking act of violence as and I quote an Islamist terrorist attack. assassinate. Only. One of our citizens was murdered today because he was teaching at is teaching students about freedom of expression, the liberty to believe and not believe. Local booklet. Dealer Schmaltz compatriot was flagrantly attacked. He was a victim of an Islamist terrorist attack than that. Don't always. What more do we know about the alleged assailant? Will the police shot and killed in eighteen year old man believed to be the Ataka in a town close to the scene of Friday's beheading it's understood that the suspected killer was a refugee from Chechnya who'd only been France for a few months. We authorities say that the MOM was not previously known to the meaning that he wasn't on a terror watch list. Although he is believed to have a relative who is a member of the Islamic state group in. Syria. Will, a French anti-terror team has launched an investigation on a number of arrests have already been made amongst those arrested the suspects, parents and his brother. So as that investigation continues, no doubt more details will emerge about who this eighteen year old walls and whether or not he acted alone. I'm what about the motive Tom. Tell us more about what happened prior to Samuel parties horrific killing will before he himself was killed by the police the suspected attack posted a photograph of his gruesome crime on social. Media. With the photograph he wrote the caption, I have executed one of the dogs hell who dead to put Mahama down. What is understood that earlier on this month, the forty seven year, old history and geography teacher. Samuel Patty had held a discussion with his pupils about freedom of speech and the issue of the caricatures depicting the Prophet Mohammed had been shown in the context of that discussion. However, it should be pointed out that Patty told pupils who might be offended by the caricatures that he was about to should them to them and he said they could leave the room if they wanted to. But nevertheless, all of this prompted complaints from some of the parents of Muslim children in that class and as the issue drew more and more attention, the schools thought had receiving threatening phone calls and the father of one particular schoolgirl is reported to launched an appeal on line calling for action to be taken against similar petty. We'll all the while these school offered its full support, the teacher and tried to engage in dialogue with the parents who complained. And then on Friday this eighteen year old attack came to the school asking the people to point out the teacher in question which they did, and he then killed him. So. Does been shocking sequence of events has been disbelief at the barbarism of this crime, and the fact that someone should have been beheaded for raising the issue of freedom of expression, which is such a core tenet of what it means to be. French that was our correspondent in Paris Tom Burgess Watson speaking to me a little. Elia,

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