Ryan Fitzpatrick Leads Miami Dolphins To 24-0 Blowout Over Jets & Tua Tagovailoa Makes NFL Debut


It's the Niners on top of the Rams, 21 to 9 in the third quarter, three touchdown passes for Jimmy Garoppolo. Elsewhere, Tom Brady with a pair of touchdown strikes the Bucks over the Packers 38. To tend. The Dolphins ripped the jetstwenty for nothing. Three touchdowns for Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Jets going 60 only winless team in the NFL was the Lions over the Jaguars. 34 16 Steelersthirty eight, Brown seven, The Broncos over the Patriots 18 12. Overtime. Titans 42 Texans 36 Derrick Henry, a five yard touchdown run overtime on the game, George and 12 yards into scores. Ravens Hold on beat the Eagles 30 28, the Giants have by Washington 2019. Bears are five and one in the Panthers. 23 16 colts 31 dangles 27 on the Falcons get their first win beat the Vikings 42 23. The Jets have

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