89 | Horror | The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones


Weirdo bookworms unite we want to share our love of genre Fiction with you some readers out there may look down on you for your love of horror sci-fi and fantasy, but not us so stop by as we discuss what we've been reading. Hey Johnna junkies, it's Sandra and this is Scott with another episode as we're marathoning her way October the best month of the year and celebrating with some scary. Scary. Good books. Haven't got so much great stuff for you this month. It's been a lot of fun and we've still got more common. You lucky Devils besides the fact that I'm on to other shows that Scott produces. We are very busy October has become like like crunch. It's crunch month. Yes, and that is the Colts game on YouTube or via podcast and also spooky slumber party. You know what though? It's a lot of fun is it's it's a big celebration of our favorite month of the year. Absolutely so long Little little fun little fun fact for the week. I watched a movie. It's a shudder original and exclusive if you have the shutter Channel, which I hope you all do if you gain access to the shutter Channel because it is well well worth it and it is called spiral. It is very very good. I highly recommend it. It is dead actually did talk about this last week. I talked about it on the clutch. We talked about it last week because I said, oh yeah, is that the one that I walked in a new watching? Yeah, it looked good. That's my review of it. It looked good. My God. Are you serious? Vain? Absolutely losing my goddamn mind. Listen, so I wish I had some thing very exciting or good to share but I pretty much just dedicated the week to to doing the shows and to reading the book we're going to talk about tonight, but I do have some some movies on the horizon. I'm looking forward to we also have not started the haunting of blind man or yet and it's getting it's getting tight because the spoilers are looming we gotta get to it. That's that next chapter in The Haunting of Hill House series by Mike Flanagan. I somehow that went over my head. I didn't know that it was out. We have to watch that as soon as possible. Yes, and this one's based on the turn of the screw, which is of course the back of it classic horror short story, which I I liked quite a bit and yeah, I don't know. I just I hear it's really good. I heard it's really really good. I loved him. He's such a trust dog. After for me, well my big my big exciting genre related thing this week is I finally played a few rounds of the popular game Among Us. Yes. About it. It is so much fun guys. If you want to pick it up, it is completely free to play on mobile. At least you can you can purchase things to get rid of ads and things like that, but it is really fun game. If you've ever seen the thing it's a similar idea from that. It's 10:00 funny looking little Spaceman have gotten into a crash and everyone has their own job to do to get the ship off the ground but two of you are not trying to fix the ship two of you are trying to kill everybody else and you can vote people off and it's a lot of fun. I love the premise of that. I love anything. That's like the thing which is one of both of our favorite horror movies. Wonderful John Carpenter movie. There's a one that's even old age. And that too and John Carpenter is actually remake but the Remake is utterly fantastic the first ones good too but doesn't have Kurt Russell in the game and claymation. I'm assuming I don't think so gas clamp claymation remember that? Okay. So tonight we are talking about a novel that has a huge huge amount of buzz. It was on my most anticipated list of 2020. So this is pretty pretty cool to get to be part of talking about this book as it just came out and that would be Stephen Graham Jones choose the only good Indians. Let me tell you about it seamlessly blending classic horror and a dramatic narrative with sharp social commentary the only

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