Groundcovers With Ken Druse


You know that I used to love for its variegated sort of silvery and green leaves. kind of almost looks like an IV ish Gr-. vining but low prostrate thing lamb the astrum galley. Dolan Yellow Archangel which you know thirty or more years ago when I planted it, it was like a coveted thing. And now it's on the invasive list in the North West and it's invading into woodland's as the climate warms. In. The Northeast and you're starting to see it on the invasive list in in new areas and so forth and I, have suddenly forty miles of it in my garden because it no longer stays. You know within a reasonable range. So I mean maybe we should I say what's the ground cover and what do we want to use anyway, right Okay The me okay. I. Think a ground cover is a plant that increases in numbers over time but does not run away or spread too fast it's usually we'd suppressing that's what we hope and we have a couple of those. And you think of ground cover is something you can walk on, but there's not a whole lot of plants that will tolerate. Being walked on besides grass lawn but a ground cover is anything that could do what I suggested I. You know spread a bit and suppress weeds and it could be seven feet tall. It can be a big SHRUB and I've seen that. But. I. Guess. What do you think is that just about it? Yeah, and and like what you said you know we think when we hear if you hear the phrase ground cover, you would think, oh, turf can walk on it but there really ain't no such things I mean there are so few things that can tolerate that I mean maybe creeping timing lawn, you could technically walk on but you know really almost none of them so So yeah. So it can be any hide I completely agree it's it's it's maybe a living mulch is. Is the. cloudy a west of landscape designer of fido studios. She says, plants are the MULCH. You know that's one of her key phrases that we need to remember and I think in a way. Like I have a lot of masses of ground cover. Like Geranium Macrocosm, the big route Geranium. Yeah and doesn't seed around doesn't it is rise Amadeus, but the rise zones don't spread sideways underground. It's of like it sounds big route on the surface. So, I find that he's unit, you can just edit it. You can pull out a bunch and throw it away and so forth but it gives you weed suppression that you were talking about right it's it's it's a living mulch It shades the ground under the trees and shrubs. Moishe helps keeps moisture and etcetera etcetera, but it's not so rambunctious that it's troublemaker It won't jump out of where it was where you intended to be. Does that make sense? Yes. There was one plant here. Twenty six years ago that some. People before I bought this place planted and I'm still. I'm still a ratting in this year. It was it was a ground cover this year. I think it almost eight the house. And the it's. Tonia. Oh Yeah Tuna however that Chameleon plant that's a nightmare. That's actually one of the most popular stories on my website ever is one of us visited from Google searches is about can I get? How can I get rid of? You know how can I kill this plant still full fill fold on Mare plant? Yeah. We've mentioned it before it is nightmare plant but but the draining macaroni him by comparison, it only exists in the places I, put it in though I started with a few plants I now have large expanses of it. It means that I don't have to weed. Those beds as often nearly evergreen even here in zone five B and you know it just does a really good We'd suppressing kind of a job. But then there's like the Lambda Strom. which wants to take over the earth and. So. Forth. So then you're you participated in its takeover. Bid And so. There's lots of things and we should say, of course, the disclaimer as ever. What is invasive in one place or becoming invasive is again, the temperature shift the the weather the climate shifts is. Is Not, the same as in another place something may self. So in Georgia that doesn't self so in Michigan and In the neighborhood yeah. Depending on soil types and exactly. There's so many things that you can grow like your angelic. I cannot grow that right for you that. COMES UP YEAH so. So I mean, the classic things that

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