You know some of the county workers, you know?


This pandemic has Been a lot you know, from going from a virus to members of my child from those loved ones. Um, also, you know, people are showing their colors. You know, racism, miss Stemming Hi. You know things of that nature and we're in a pandemic. It's been a whole lot. And to keep that energy to rebel against the president and feeling bad feeling sad and you know, I graduated from culinary school. So my heart in my desire, you know, it's a cook. You know to now I have to go into a whole different other field so I could be able to pay rent. It's been very difficult, but You know, the only thing I can think of is keeping up. Glance from hope. But there has been monitoring you know has been my journey. You're listening to. It's been a minute from NPR. I'm Sam Sanders here with stories of life in a pandemic. My name's Amanda Villa room. I'm 30 years old and I'm from Houston, Texas. My dad, Michael, a. Gomez senior, passed away. On July 20th 2020 just two months and 90 shy of his 60th birthday. My dad died due to covert 19. You know, there's people out here that Seo what's underlying medical conditions or health issues and yes, my dad did have

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