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Each is allowed to help over a limited time period. Both senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul of filed a motion in support of the attorney general who's suing on the behalf of religious schools to block the order. 3600 new cases of coronavirus reported in Kentucky today. 25 new deaths Nearly 1800 Kentucky INS are in the hospital with coronavirus. The state testing positivity rate just shy of 10% and Kentucky's agricultural receipts are expected to be close to where they came in last year. Even with the pandemic, economists from UK say 2020 farm cash receipts are projected to hit $5.5 billion Samos 2019. That farm income likely to exceed the more than $2 billion. Kentucky producers aren't last year. I'm Jack Crumley. CBS News Brief. President elect Joe Biden says the Trump administration needs to step up for American struggling during the pandemic. Congress and

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