A highlight from Melissa Gisoni & Jill Vertes from Dance Moms

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The lenghty the gelato clear jar. That you've seen around but sometimes the name escapes your tongue with five layers in jar like vanilla fudge cookie or layers like chocolate cherry cheesecake. That clear dr. That's that's introduce you meet smooth creamy tomato in a john made with real ingredients source from around. The world made the traditional way pretentious indulgent absolutely to lenghty raise. The jar go ask presented by lenghty gelato. I ali wentworth bestselling author actor host wife. Mother and zoloft consumer minute podcast go ask galley. I'm really taking a look at modern life. it seems that sisters pandemic. there's a new normal. So i'm asking the question in two parts. How do you grow a teenager. And a pandemic. And how do you grow a relationship in a pandemic. listen to go as galley on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast blew. What's up let me guess you're hungry. Dogs always sits in a little studio room and just stares at me until i submit concede to give her she wants which is f o od time yet. You have to wait. You have to wait. Boo gotta do this. This

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