Victoria takes a deep breath and opens up!



I'm health reported Teigen Tyler Physician and Journalists Dr Norman Swan on this really important for all pride. Victorians. Chief see the twenty seventh of October. Yes. Finally yesterday in Victoria. The Prima Donna Andrews announced the revised roadmap towards bacteria covid normal and it was a real relief for Victorians and the rest of the nation Norman what sort of the highlights of what Dan Andrews said yesterday because it's the comprehensiveness of the opening up, there is no daily dallying now retail hospitality getting back to work. Yes. There are restrictions on indoor numbers and outdoor numbers. But if you live in New South Wales, you're used to that and that will take a while to loosen up but everything just gets going and later on today the numbers in households will become clearer because that is a high risk environment. But if recycle is anything to go by, you won't really notice it too much and it will loosen up with time zones. There aren't any significant outbreaks. Milestone in starting. To have zero cases and the last time, the state had zero cases when on the ninth of June one hundred and forty days ago. So obviously, there's still probably GONNA be filtering through in the next few days but really, really hot. The. Really hot work that they've been doing paying off you know Sommese. Still be virus in Victoria and you will see the odd cluster popping up as indeed they do new South Wales, but eventually, it will get down to almost zero spread. So it's it's fantastic news. But the premiums, right it's constant vigilance is what's required covered normal does not be normal covered normal means social distancing means not getting together to large numbers too. Early it needs ring really careful at home in means continuing to wear masks outside so. Lucky. That they've got mandated masks. New South doesn't yet. You know hair salons can do services when the clients wearing face covering corona cast listeners will remember that we covered the story in a few weeks ago a few months ago I can't remember now but the flat tackle that's right. The in united. States swear to positive here salon workers did not pass the virus onto their clients by wearing masks insisting that their clients wear masks. So it's really important. So these things will protect US moving forward. One of the things that really stood out to me went any Landrus is talking about what the new normal looks like is how much the rest of the country can learn from this because in places that aren't. Victoria and you South Wales. It's been quite a long time since it's been a lot of virus circulating in the community that we know about at least and I know from my own experience living in Queensland that I think there's a lot of complacency that's crept in and it's probably a good time to just refocusing guy this isn't normal life. We still got a kate how God's up try and it could come in to come in on a ship from overseas. You've already seen problems in western. Australia nobody is particularly safe the risk of spread by open borders and I was extremely low, but it does mean we've all got to be careful moving forward. At some point, international borders are going to have to open up we're going to have to learn what covered normal actually means now new South Wales are ready to move in. You saw the football matches you. It doesn't feel to abnormals in in in in New South Wales, and that's the real feeling in Victoria but I think those two states are better prepared for this. Than the other states and we've got to open up the borders and people just will have to be more careful definitely in Australia where in a much better position than other parts of the world where covered normally is no in knee normal live, and in the states, this disease control have expanded their definition of what a close contact means in terms of someone's ability. To spread the virus if they had this definition by the way, these definitions are fairly arbitrary based on evidence. That's not necessarily very solid. So they had a similar a criterion to us which right at the beginning of the pandemic was sh- you might remember which is he going to be within a couple of meters of somebody for fifteen minutes to have a significant. Chance of passing this on and what we know now is the aerosol spread the lows that's be contravened indoor environments but no the redefined were close contact is if you just think about that as the means of spread and there's no question that a lot of spread is through contact and what they've found is that in fact, you can be in close contact with somebody. Over a twenty, four hour period repeatedly. So it's not just a fifteen minute window. It's actually multiple occasions and it comes from correctional facilities where they've shown that tired the infection was probably cumulative infection over a period of time. So it's no longer fifteen minutes. It's still two meters in the case of the United States, but it can be over twenty four hour period not just one fifteen minute window. So multiple short episodes of content

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