Lobster Fishing Dispute, Oregon Forest Rights and Tribal Early Voting Sites


This. Is National Native News I'm Meghan Camera Imprint Tony Gonzales. Confrontations continue between indigenous and non-indigenous lobster fishermen in Nova Scotia. Canada senior police officer is defending the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Response Dan Carpet Chuck has more the MP Commissioner Brenda. Lucky says, the RCMP is fully committed to keeping the peace keeping people safe and enforcing the law. She also confirmed that additional officers have been dispatched to Nova. Scotia there have been violent confrontations, property destroyed vandalism and lobster plant burned to the ground that after indigenous fishermen. Out of season claiming it was their treaty right to fish whenever and wherever they want a right that was upheld by Canada's highest court twenty years ago that first nations had a right to fish to earn a moderate livelihood but not indigenous fishermen auto ought to stop the indigenous harvesting saying that court ruling also said the government could continue to regulate the fishery an emergency session in the. Canadian parliament earlier this week failed to find a solution to the issue of just what is a moderate livelihood the chief this having Equity First Nation Mike sack says the dispute has caused his band more than one and a half million dollars and is fishermen are being shut out of the market. Nobody will deal with us like we reach out to so many trying to move lobster. Anyone could buy with a buyer's licence and nobody will take him so. We have a at least one and a half million dollar hit through our community are we can't sell our lobster Everyone in the area has been told that they will not take care if they take lobster. They'll be they'll boycott or blackness to sack says, it will take time to rebuild relationships in the industry with people in companies who are now afraid of retaliation if they deal with the indigenous fishermen sack says, he wants those responsible to be held accountable. He's also filed an application for a court injunction aimed at any harassment of indigenous fishermen with fleet is based for National Native News I'm Dan. Carpenter. A, native American tribe in Oregon has become the first in the US to receive full authority to manage its forests Kale CC's Brian. Bull reports the Bureau of Indian Affairs approved the Co Quell Tribes Indian Trust. Asset Management Plan Tuesday this grant autonomy over its ten thousand acres of trust forest land and resources a first for any of the country's five hundred and seventy four federally recognized tribes. Mark Johnston is executive director for the Co Quell Indian tribe we're. Just really excited about the opportunity to be I. WE respect the burden at that creates going I because you better do it right? You mess it up for those folks that come behind you. We know we're not going to be the only tribe that considers because of the value promise hopping perspective sovereignty or self-governance as a longstanding goal for tribes and timber is an important resource for the CO Quayle Johnston says annual revenue support, key programs including tribal healthcare and. Education for National Native News I'm Brian Bowl a federal judge ruled Thursday that he will not force the Pima County recorder to establish an early voting site in southern Arizona tribes reservation next week, and Gibson with Arizona public media has more the past Gliac he tribes sued Pima County. Recorder, F.. N.. Rodriguez. In an effort to reinstate in early voting site, her office closed in two thousand, Eighteen Jonathan D. as part of the tribes legal team, he says though this. Isn't. The result they wanted he knows tribal leaders will continue to advocate for voting opportunities in the reservation members of the we often tribe testified. I really highlighted the burdens and the obstacles that tribal members face in accessing early voting without honor closer to the reservation during the hearing the tribe argued that with lower car ownership distrust of voting by mail in higher rates of underlying conditions, and early in person voting site in the reservation would benefit its residents. For National Native News I'm Emma Gibson. I'm Megan Camera.

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