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Cadre say was up to fire nation and sure something interesting about yourself that most people don't know fire nation. Hello. How're you doing? So glad to be here John One interesting thing about me is that I'm really. Fun Guy I just love doing things by Tanis -ly travel at the drop of a dime I'll do anything and everything at least one time fire nation where Zesbaugh. Naty like you can't blame Cova forever. You still have to be spontaneous from time to time and I think that that is something that caused red definitely has in spades there'll be communicating over the past few weeks I feel like you're just always traveling cadre. Used to travel a lot more before this whole pandemic thing. So that bug is absolutely there unlike you I loved tropical vibes. Places A Beautiful Landscapes Yeah, absolutely. I love her brother and I also personally love your arch Merill Journey, but I want to share with fire nation now. So talk to us about Your Arch Moreau journey to get you to where you are today. Sure. Many years ago with been around for maybe twelve to thirteen years. Now Time Flies John and I started as a door to door sales. Read Right I was working at an Elementary School in Orlando Florida and working my tail off to get into like twenty eight, thousand dollars a year a two weeks vacation hoping seven thirty to three thirty at whatever time off of work and I wanted to do something they gave me more time. Gives me more time and I work hard is up. Can I do something that doesn't can't my income but I, really just wanted to have more time. I'm like you after I just WanNa sit at the beach I. Just WanNa look out the window I just want to play basketball or actually I wanted to do with my children by how can I do that and so I went online inbound a position In a one, hundred percent commission sales opportunity. before and to California wasn't successful at all initially. Because he was trying to do with the corporate way with you know the sales pitch in the book and. Corporate approach in just got turned down. At. Every business that I went to drop it right now. So you know what? Let me just Relate to people from Detroit Michigan School of hard knocks in the thing I I know how to do is connect with people. You know winner talk we're not to talk sometimes and I did that in super. Just to speed it up really quick I. had a triple my income that year a quadruple did the next year. But then I realized that what I was doing wasn't what I thought. I was doing meaning that I was selling the product that I didn't even understand myself rice. Even though I had dropped the sales pitch book, still have the spirit of that particular company in the industry itself, and that is the spirit of confusion. So you know I was selling merchant programs where the be rates were. There'd be tough with at least not by Terminal Benign, bucks you Lisa for three hundred bucks. This is especially for brick and mortar businesses. You can lease terminal could cost ninety nine dollars you can. Literally Lisa the terminal but three to sometimes a thousand dollars per month for forty eight months in into the least they do not own the machine and it was just you know even the in the way we would pitch them. It was just a real messy thing once I realized what I was doing because I had never read the contract I had never really met the contract myself. I was just starting the program. And once I realized I had to move decision it was totally against particular companies I guess goes to really client on what's really happening behind the scenes by the time decline realize what going on it was too late they were locked into. A four, five year contract with all kinds of these anti get out of it was it will require legal entanglement right with them as you have to hire attorneys go through this other stuff in its contract. So it's Kinda hard to get out of it. So. I had to make a decision to leave that company, lead all the money that had all the recurring incumbent had to. It's up deleted lead cable right and so I did that I went to work with another company and in six months I had. Replaced the incumbent Henry the other company, man those bags were not. They were robbing me and I was by taking advantage of announced robbing Murchison's basically right or Robin clients. So. Same thing had been there all of a sudden. They create money out of thin air when I say thin air veneer. So as an example, there's something called Pi compliance that every business needs to happen in particular Brigham mortar businesses by you don't necessarily. Do but something healthy you it helps protect

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