Drums vs. Guitars

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From the brains behind brains on it smash boom best over people with big opinions. I'm your host, Molly Bloom and you're listening to smash boom best the show where we take two things smash them together and ask you to decide which one is best today we've got a musical match up to get your toes tapping it's guitars versus drunk. This is going to be a tough one for all the music lovers out there. Team Guitar knows how to move us with a melody but team drums has the beat here to make some big decisions is our judge Kira Hello Sarah Hi I'm Cara and in today's debate Excellent, we are so happy to have you here. So before we meet the debaters, I want to check in with you and see where you stand. Do consider yourself a musical person. Not so much I used to play piano a couple years ago but as very now. What kind of is your favorite music to listen to dislike any normal prison like I like a lot of rob? R.. V. Is. And do you ever get into debates with your family or friends me and muster we both do debate but at home is really just like silly stuff like our judge is our parents of late. Okay. Then go X. mom like were arguing the will ask mom and then she'll yellow boo-hoo. So as an experienced debater, what advice you have for our debaters today honestly for me the only person that matters Jana in this debate like the only opinion is mine so. Just keep that in mind just try to touch me Make. Sure. It's like I understand what you're saying and I get it because if I don't, then it's like who else is supposed to get it. Excellent. I'm so glad you are a judge today and I think it's time to welcome our debaters to the main stage. Let's kick it off with Tommy. McNamara. WHO's here to represent team drums. Hi Tommy. Low, I'm so excited to be here. Tommy in just one sentence. Why are drums clearly, the coolest. Okay. Drums are the coolest because they combine rob power and expert precision like if the world's strongest person also had the best handwriting. Very. Nice and now let's meet Tommy's fierce opponent here to REP team guitar. It's Rosie Dupont Hirose Rosie. Hi, Molly. So rosy yes. In a single sentence, tell us why guitars are the greatest. Here. We go. Guitars are the dogs of instruments because they're man's best friend interesting will strong opening sentiments all around almost ready to get this debate started. But first, let's review the rules of the game. Are Debaters will compete in four rounds of raucous reasoning and our judge hero will grade them on the facts and logic they used to make their case round. One is the declaration of greatness when each debater has the floor to present all the coolest things about their side. Each debater has just thirty seconds to make rebuttal. Round two is the micro around a creative challenge that both baiters have prepared for in advance. Round three is the sneak attack a surprise challenge to keep our debaters on their toes, and the last round is the final six when both sides have just six words to sway our judge. Hero will award points as we go but she won't reveal the tally and our winner until the end of the debate. All, Cure. You have two points to award this first round one for the best declaration and one for the best rebuttal. So keep track of both as you're listening, are you ready? Awesome Roseanne Tommy Are you ready. Yes. Molly I've never been more ready in my entire life. Fantastic. That means it's time for declaration of greatness. Arbitrators have come armed with the coolest facts history and arguments. We flipped a coin and Tommy you're up I it's time for you to beat the drums for well drums. Take it away drum roll please. Ladies and gentlemen we are here to honor the backbone of music the keeper of time the ruler of the rhythm drums. Drums are essential to making music fun. Don't believe me try to dance without drums always. Some instruments? Guitars. have faded from modern music but not drums rock hip pop jazz are NB. All used drumbeats most bands in America today use a standard drum kit. You know what? I'll let them introduce themselves. The Bass Drum. I'm the biggest and Lowest Roman the kit arm operated with a foot pedal. That doesn't mean you should kick me. Air I hang out in the middle of the drought kit with my two buddies. Hey I'm Tom and I'm Tom we're the Tomtoms we're twins we're deep and maybe a little Milanovic Hey, tom what does the bad drummer loses watch? He couldn't keep time. A few to let's talk symbols. Hi I'm Hi hat I'm not actually a hat I made up a few symbols on each other. I can be opener shut using effect pedal like this.

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