She spent a night in the ER with COVID-19. She’s still running the Washington DC Marine Corps Marathon


Corps Marathon always has runners who have overcome all kinds of difficulties in this year's race will feature one who's still recovering from the Corona virus. This will be the third year in a row that 35 year old Melissa Sullivan runs the Marine Corps Marathon. I began running room marathon in 2018 to honor a friend who was killed in Afghanistan. Sergeant Bill Care. When the Rays with virtual this year because of the pandemic, it wasn't going to stop the DuPont Circle resident from running, but the pandemic has slowed her down. I Contracted Cove it in August. She has no idea how she got it, but says she was taking all the proper precautions. I was not able to get out of bed for almost a month. Without immediately. Feelings is the vertigo nausea. In fact, she spent one night in the E. R by herself. It was scary going through that experience alone, and thankfully, it was not as bad as it could have been losing a month of training When you're in marathon training makes running a race like this all the more harder in her original goal of setting a new personal Record is out the window now and not just because the virus still impacts her stamina. Two months later, the crowds that typically line the course matter to its those community members in the Marines, that everyone that's there on the streets cheering you on that really make you push through. To the finish. She's also going to run to show that in the end, we can overcome the pandemic in the really harm that it's caused it and it might take longer than you expected. But it's possible to get back to where you were before. Sullivan is back at work now, and she continues to train for the race. She recently donated plasma again, and when she runs this Sunday, the day of the race would have normally run. After all, she's been through thinking about it all has her feeling good again. Who knows? After this? Maybe The antibodies will give you some superpowers or something. One day that you know is you know his hope. John Doman W T O be news.

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