Trusting Yourself with Kay Lopez


K. Welcome to government palm thank you so much for having me. I'm so excited to be here and tastes space with you I'm excited. Let's dive in. Let's dive in. Tell us who these K- what's your heritage I am Mexican American first generation. My family is from automakers go first generation. So you were born here yet I was born in Houston Texas Houston Nice you've left in a lot of places. Yes. So I lived in New York New York. was really a five year. Plan. which turned into an eight year adventure and after the eight year mark I was like you know what it's time to move again. So the West Coast was calling at, it was time to make that big jump. So I've been jumping around coast to coast. Now let's talk about what made you decide to go to New York. It's so interesting because it kind of relates to what's happening now in terms of the economy recession and reading the happening. So when I graduated graduated during the recession. It was very difficult time to. New in my specific industry will for everyone just graduated in trying to build their career might track was very specific in communications and advertising and being in Texas. I was so limited to what roles rick available to me and I really needed to think about my career was a very hard decision to make need my family being the first in my family to say peace everybody. Being. The eldest in a female, it was hard but I needed and I really had this desire to accomplish my dreams career. Wise. So really wasn't planned in my head. I was like eventually I'm going to move to New York. So a friend invited me to her wedding. She was originally from Houston she moved to New York. She met someone amazing. She was you know having her wedding she sent me the invite and I went to the wedding and it was only supposed to be for the weekend. So I had obviously packed lightly and then the night before my fly I was the Brooklyn Bridge with a friend and I said you know what? I don't think I'm going back home. What girl your flight is like at five in the morning. Midnight where you talking about he's like, where are you going to stay and I was like you know what I think this is it. I think this is my moment and I miss my fly and I called my parents that five in the morning. So I literally woke them up my dad the phone and I could hear my mom and she was automatically like worried like who is it and why is she calling? So early like what's happening I was three in the morning. It was like around two o'clock So they automatically you know freaked out and I told my dad, you know he was just waking up so you could hear his yeezy could hear him like confused and he was like dusted. And I was like, Yeah Pa. Did limit that. Go Gin. And They Like I'll figure it out I. Think I'M GONNA. Have a few friends that I went to college with and I'm just into a little couch surfing and that's what I did and it was the craziest thing that I had ever done in my life that no one thought that I was boy to ever do because I was always you know I was sheltered and that was my journey to new. York was like, okay I'm here I'm going to go through this five years just build my resume and go back to my family five years turned into eight and you know that's really how I moved to New York it was just really wanting to reach my dreams and see how much I can accomplish on my own I. Love it after that phone call with your dad and your one suitcase. So you bounced couch served all that stuff. So because if people are listening there like you know I want to take off and like just do it right especially in the middle of a recession. What was the first thing you did? Well to prepare for that was I created a list of all the places that I wanted to work at. So I already had like a vision in terms of like, okay. Where these are the companies I'm going to fight to make sure that I was prepared in terms of like my portfolio examples I only had one internship when I. Finished College. So I didn't have too much like actual work to show at a lot of like comps in examples of what I could create but I had a strong portfolio might professor reviewed all of that I had resume that again, my professors have looked at and I had that list at working list of like, okay. These are the companies that I'm going to hit up and. I that's exactly what I had with me. I didn't have a lot of money had four thousand dollars to my name and anyone who has been to New York or knows New York that's nothing. Right while name that is not and it was you know sitting at McDonald's and eating the dollar menu the cheeseburgers in the coffees in sitting there with my notebook in my laptop my. Old Laptop in like scratching now, agencies that I had a I to like motivating myself every day on top of the pressure like my parents constantly calling checking in on me and wanted to know my progress was

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