Voting Disinformation Surges In Election's Final Weeks


Tens of millions of Americans who have not already voted early will do so in this year's highly consequential presidential election, and operatives looking toe undermined the process are hard at work. NPR's Pam Fessler reports, election officials are working to counter growing disinformation. Early voters in Palm Beach County, Florida, got fake Democratic voter guys that listed the Republican congressional candidate Laura Loomer. Voters have also been getting a lot of disinformation online like tweets that say, because of covert restrictions. Democrats will vote on November 3rd and Republicans will vote on November 4th. And Facebook posts morning voters that their ballots will be rejected. If a poll worker puts a mark on them, or that the bar code on a mail in ballot reveals your personal information, and it's all faults. NPR's pan fester reporting the Trump

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