Episode 41 FTN Watches A Movie Part 1: Cruel Jaws - Drive Of The Week

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Introduction long as we're here. Yes. Yes every episode we start with the driver the week. If you don't know what a drive is. It is a line from a movie or TV show said with exceptional velocity and volume and the stage belongs to mister Klein. All right, ladies and horror fuckers. What we have here is the 1983 Stephen King horror. Flick Christine. This is a classic one for me. It's grown up kid because it was one of the few R-rated movies was able to watch which shockingly because it's got so much bad language in this and there is a lot of drives in this and it was hard to pin-point flash drive to use is there is one point where a character just goes black for no reason, but I chose this one because there's always a reason yeah and the reason which is not the third reason but the reason off there to drive right back to back and it is it's checked estimate. So so here is to drives of the week from the Motion Picture film Christine off. I care about you. Like I love you lie, but I think we deserve one more try. Don't you give me a fucking ass? Hello, Arnie, please don't do this to me wanting to speak with me. Okay, you've had right? Or fuck you, bitch, just like they were burning Arnie. Please don't do this tickets pissed off drops the fuck you bitch stay with me that you've had it, right? Well, fuck you bitch. And then we anything about it runs back to the phone. I'm sorry. I'm sorry wrong with me. Okay, you've had right? Or fuck you, bitch. Come on, Lee expects her to still be on page other than kids today won't know that if you if you're slammed the phone down hard enough, it actually bounced and didn't hang up. So the other person might actually still be on the other line. It's true. That is true. But that's pretty much after you do the exact you bitch and she assumes you hang up. She's not going to hang around that kind of thing is so easily misunderstood, you know, don't like is it I'm just saying this isn't really that clear what he means right? Well, there's stuff. He just wanted a yes or no and you can't really fault them there and just yesterday. I think we give me a fucking no. I mean just because you make it because a lot of pressure is Dad is you know, Rodney Dangerfield and right right, right. He's gotta make that swim team. Yeah. Yeah. I thought that was the driver of the week brought to you by Trashman media for all the latest DVD and Blu-ray commentary go to trash man media and also on Facebook and Twitter. I feel good to check out www.cbs.com latest news and no bulshit. All right. So we're going to

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