Might not be possible against the Rams, who have allowed a total


Allowed a total of 26 points after halftime this year over six games. It's largely because of a staunch past defense number one in the league by yards per plate and met Maggie discussed. Why here on Wcbm earlier this morning. It all starts up front, You know, deal with a guy like Aaron Donald Each and every play. You have to know where he's at. And even when there's times where he's double team that sometimes triple teams, he still finds ways just like our doctor. Will. Mak does knocking Hicks. I think the biggest thing as you go into a game like this is to make sure that you just Try to stay away from that big play that he can make speaking of Aaron Donald in this game, and if you do that you can have you can have some 60 Maggie Side did that two years ago in a spotlight win over the Rams. They did not do that last year in a spotlight loss. And now tonight

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