Where do words comes from? Find out in Washington, DC’s newly opened Planet Word museum


The. Much anticipated planet word. Open today in. DC. Yes. Yes. Back in twenty seventeen DC mayor Muriel Bowser, and a team of advisers picks philanthropist and Friedman to restore the historic Franklin school building a gorgeous building. By the way, millions of dollars have gone into restoring the national historic landmark much of it. Friedman's own money to create a place where people can explore are evolving language. Now, that restoration didn't happen without a couple of shall we call them hiccups along the way city officials halted construction for quite some time after discovering. That the project's developer violated DC's strict historic preservation rules but all of that is wrapped up now in the museum is officially open to the public WMU senior editor gay. Bullard got an early look at the museum and he's here to take us on a little tour as you turn off K.. Street and walk into the courtyard of planet word you're showered in language. There's an art exhibit in which Willow Tree made of speakers plays a mix of languages from around the world. Inside the historic Franklin school building has been given a thirty five, million dollar restoration the preserved stare tiling wainscoting and a few other flourishes Nantou the building century and a half of life. But the displays are exceedingly high tech I up a twenty foot high wall of carved words brought to life through powerful projectors and narration. The tells the history of the English language. The exhibit invites you to say a word from the wall like smog or sport to get a quick etymology lessons on. Board. Shorts. Burns over. In the next room, a giant globe of lights is surrounded by screens each with a friendly face of person who will teach you about their spoken or signed language. I tapped on Venezuela and got to try a regional tongue twister. And? Eric Kahn. Areas Cigar. A Nice in the gallery on humor, you can play word games or help and artificial intelligence right captions for new. Yorker. Cartoons according to my analysis. This caption about cannibalism mine database says that cannibalism is usually very serious, but sometimes, it can be funny to take something serious and pretend it is not serious. This is called dark humor in the library. Visitors can grab a book from the Shelf, set it on a table and be treated to an animation and narration explaining something about the text the technology can be dazzling but museum founder and Friedman says, it's in service of a larger purpose to reinvigorate excitement for literacy maybe with technology and with sort of the wow factor, we could make books and words and language sort of. Them and. With their imaginations captured visitors will think more about language for now the museum is working on virtual events for those who can't make an in person for those who can plan at word is open four free but you'll need to preregister for a time to get in admission is limited to twenty five people per hour.

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