House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Supreme Court And Wal Mart Stores discussed on Lewis and Logan


Depot. When you spend your time 9 30 snowplows, making some progress, clearing those snow packed roads in the metro area and along the front range. We'll check in with traffic in just a moment. There's a big problem on Western. I 70 Tamarod Sanada Tomorrowland says. I should say it see doubts His drivers should be ready. It's so important if you are heading out today that you do have the right tires. Sort of weather is no help fire crews with some areas getting over a foot. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the White House keeps changing the parameters of stimulus negotiations. He says she's hoping to have some progress on talks today. Senate sent to confirm federal Judge Amy Cockney Barrett to the Supreme Court tonight or confirmation will walk in a 63 conservative majority on the Supreme Court. Costco started selling home covert 19 tests from the telemedicine company has over kids cost 130 bucks. At least you could have your house smelling like KFC. The colonel's bringing back the 11, herbs and spices. Fire log there at select Wal Mart Stores for about $16 Our next news updates at 10 o'clock

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