Donald Trump, Chris Rock And Saturday Night Live discussed on The Breakfast Club


Yee Shall I mean the guy? We are the breakfast club. Let's get to the room Is Angela he's out. Let's talk. Chris Rock Thiss Report with Angela. Now Chris Rock was hosting Saturday night Live and during his Monolog. He took a shot at Donald Trump before just on it. It's still the same health in a room. Ah, President Trump's in the hospital from Cove. It And I just want to say my heart goes out to covet. I don't think that was a shot wasn't a shot. Just Joe. I just think he said he was praying for the virus That's always wrong. Like Listen, we don't know what covert is going to in Donald Trump's body. So you praying for Colvin that Donald Trump Wasn't I am the type. I got my got my prey. I told my praise the stand back and stand by you. No, I'm saying I don't want to say any I don't want I don't. I don't like wasting time with my prayers. You know, saying I just I'm not. I just got positive energy and love and light. I just send out into the world That's all right. Now, Megan, a stallion she performed on Saturday Night Live and she had a powerful introduction. Let's hear neglected

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