Election 2020: San Diego Voters To Receive Mail-In Ballots


Election is coming up fast. And many people are worried about their ballots. Will they be safe? Will they be counted? Will people try to cheat? Joining us on the cargo news? Live line County Registrar of voters, Michael Vou. Now we know that you that you are sending ballots out to every San Diegan. So everybody can vote by mail. Well, let me I cracked that really quickly. It's every active registered vet or not every San Diego and I just wanna make sure that that Claire is because there's been some confusion on that earlier. In the months preceding to where we're going to be sending out a ballot in a short four days to every act of registered voters that is out there. This will be the largest male bowel election we've ever conducted. Ah, but if we really think about all of this is in response to the pandemic now, if there was no pandemic, and we conducted in the normal course of how we would normally do an election 78% of the electorate are already signed up to be a permanent mail ballot voter of the 1.9 million registered voters that we have

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