Trump doing 'very well' at Washington, DC hospital


And that he's grateful for the medical professionals treating him at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. He tweeted today that the doctors and the nurses at the hospital outside D. C are amazing trumps doctors painted a rosy picture of his health in a press conference today, Dr Sean Dooley is one of the president's doctors. We have monitor his cardiac function. His Kidney function is liver function. All of those are normal, and the president this morning is not on oxygen, not having difficulty breathing or walking around. The White House Medical unit upstairs. This as conflicting reports emerged today about Trump's health and the timeline when he first tested positive for the Corona virus. White House physician Dr Sean Conley says Trump's mild cough and fatigue are improving. But the Associated Press reports the White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows. Says the president went through what he calls a very concerning period on Friday and says the next 48 hours would be critical in terms of his care. The Senate is delaying

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