The Murder of Racing Legend Mickey Thompson

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Six weeks before the events of March Sixteenth Mickey Son Danny got a weird phone call from his Dad Mickey told him to be very careful and to make sure his wife Valorea and newborn son Travis were safe. He wouldn't provide any more details fast forward to March, and once again Danny's phone rang this time. It wasn't his dad it was one of his employees. He wouldn't say anything other than that Danny needed to drive to his dad's house in bradberry ASEP Danny got in his car and started driving you turn on the radio. There's a voice announcing some sort of celebrity murder, typical talk radio fodder but then Danny heard the word bradberry and his blood went cold as he pulled up to his dad's house at fifty three woodland drive. He saw that the driveway was blocked off with police tape news helicopters circled overhead Danny got out of his car and looked up the hill towards the house. His father's body surrounded by cops was lying prone on the concrete bloody and still. As, more family and friends learned of Mickey Intruders Murder One name was on everyone's lips. Mike Goodwin like I get that. That's a tough phone call to make. But I feel like the employees Kinda copped out a little bit whereas like, Hey, you should just go your dad's house like why what's wrong? I think maybe Disco Check Out Your Dad tells what's what's The anticipation of hearing bad news or the anticipation of senior DAD's dead body I. Think like paired with the radio and then pulling up in seeing police all around like having a piece of together to me. Seems, pretty rough I think that's I agree like the anticipation is much worse I I need to know like goes wrong. Just tell me I don't. I don't care like. Then you know and you can start dealing with versus like well is I mean it looks like it is but like hopefully, it's not like you still have that hopefully it's not hopefully it's not hopefully it's not and then you kind of have to like live the news, a number of times that way and also like if you don't know what's going on like you could think that your parents are still alive and so you're right. Maybe you're rushing and speeding on the highway, which is also like not great as well. Like if you know that there's like nothing you can do you're not gonNA put yourself in danger getting there. Yet. I can see how an employee would be like. I can't be the one to tell him but I. Yeah. I mean I'm sure that's what it was like. I don't know if it's my place but. It's sort of is if you're the one calling him, I would I would rather I would like preface of like. You need to go to your parents house like. There's been a murder is something. Yeah, how would you even say that like? Are they just say you can go like you're just like, Hey, your mom and dad had been murdered not good news. I Dunno very tough situation before we dive into the details of March sixteenth let's introduce might goodwin a name. You probably haven't heard before by the early eighties Mickey and his wife Trudy were managing Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group or Mt. A motorsports stadium tour that was one of the earliest touring off road racing series in the United. States. If you if you watch stadium trucks today M tag is. Basically the progenitor of that. Data Mickey Thompson basically invented stadium trucks which are one of the. It's one of the coolest forms of racing to watch. Yeah I love. It's like look like just like trucks just going off ramps. Are they like, do they kind of like? They kind of do. The wants today there. They mostly do on or street courses. Where they have the ramps and stuff like that. I mean you'll see him if you go to the Long Beach Grand Prix they're racing on the same course with ramp setup but guys. 'em Tagged Stadium tour was like they would go to places like the l a coliseum or these other big stadiums setup courses that are almost like dirt dirt bike or supercross courses rather, which will also mentioned later in the episode and race trucks inside of a professionals pro sports stadium. So pretty amazing although Mickey already had a successful performance parts company, he loved throwing himself into projects tinkering with. Other. Projects like hydro barriers which are now ubiquitous traffic barriers that can be transported and filled with water to be used on race tracks and highways. Hey, you know I'm thinking about putting water in a barrel. What do you think about that? It'll never work. I've been tinkering. Barrels a lot of water. Yeah. Never Catch people don't want water in their barrels they want barrels for the cement. ooh. However Mickey's true passion as he entered, his golden era was still am tag, which only had a small staff apart from Mickey and Trudy by Nineteen eighty-four, both nicky and his wife were experiencing health issues. Mickey famously subsisted on a terrible junk food diet that was now taking a toll and they finally decided to take off some of the load by partnering 'em Tags Events with a motor sports promoter known as Mike Goodwin.

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