Spotify launches social cards



Spotify launched Promo cards for podcasters to help you share shows episodes on social media. You can grab yours from spotify dedicated website willing to today in our show notes and newsletter. Following a story that we broke on Tuesday about how easy it is to pirate somebody else's podcast using anchor podcast hosts. Captivate has an answer to safeguard against piracy by triggering a verification email which gives the opportunity to cancel any import. I'm an adviser to captivate wasn't involved in that new feature. Looks Good. audio boom has announced to sales partnership with Rogers sports in media in Canada Rogers, which is Canada's second largest radio broadcaster will sell advertising within audio booms shows. Audio UK is conducting a business census of audio radio production companies based in the UK tatum from a previous survey in two thousand fifteen was successfully used to lobby the BBC the commercial sector and to get government funding Surf Your Incorporated as a UK company you should sit in the census today you'll find it links from our show notes and our newsletter. One third of Australian News consumers hasn't podcasts every month eleven percent listen to news podcast says the University of Cameras Digital News reports twenty twenty which came out earlier. This year we linked to that today very tonic. An audio measurement service has raised three point two, million dollars in new capital. One of the investors was. Personal. Audio LLC company which claimed it had a patent for podcasting. Sent packing in May by the F. F. zombies never die. The company has managed to make a successful petition to the Supreme Court to overturn a court decision to reject a review, it wants money from CBS for patent infringement even though they're patent was invalidated. Conference in Germany for podcasting heroes has been announced meanwhile if your podcast is in German, you should consider submitting it to the podcast of the year award it's free and we are podcast is just released a limited number of fifty percent off early bird tickets for their next event on November the fifth the sixth it's all about how to make money from your podcast. To their ticket website from our show notes and our newsletter today. And in podcast news launched yesterday, the Euro quesion games claims it's the first game show podcast about the Eurovision Song Contest Rob Lily claims he's the world's biggest fan of the contest per chapels every year with songs from across European countries confusingly as European countries include Israel and Australia anyway robes put to the test to see if he really does know it all and now there's a podcast for you. If you make a podcast for brands, fresh ears from the UK's fresh air production takes one of their branded podcast projects and focuses on what they did and how they did it.

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