New York to ‘Rewind’ Re-Opening in Hard-Hit Neighborhoods


Down place and down in place parts of in parts Brooklyn of Brooklyn and Queens and because Queens of because the spike of the in spike Corona in virus Corona cases virus there, cases there, and it's not and it's sitting not well sitting with well members with of members the Orthodox of the Orthodox Jewish Jewish community community done essential. done essential. Businesses Businesses in Borough Park in Borough are Park already are already closed closed for the Jewish for the holiday, Jewish holiday, So the enforcement So the enforcement test comes test next comes week, next and week, Jacob and Jacob is ready. is ready. There's no law There's that no law says that I says have to I wear have a to mask. wear a mask. He doesn't appreciate He doesn't appreciate the government the government overreach, overreach, the mayor, the the mayor, governor, the let governor, all let these black all these lives black matter lives Protests matter Protests but they come but tto they come nice, tto nice, decent decent neighborhood. neighborhood. They and they're trying They and they're tow. trying tow. Enforce rules Enforce like rules Nazis. like Nazis. Some believe Some they're believe being targeted they're being targeted because the community because the community overwhelmingly overwhelmingly supports supports Donald Trump. Donald Trump. Alice Alice Stockton, Stockton, Rosine E Rosine W. E Our W. News. Our News.

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