And Now For Dessert: Chocolate Beer!


The pandemic has done strange things to America's Diet. We started stockpiling Spaghetti. O's frozen waffles became a thing again, and apparently we started drinking beer for dessert craft beer drinkers who want big flavor often choose hoppy IPA's but more recently. So called Pastry stoute's for dessert. Beers have become another. Fizzy favourite, rich, and decadent. They're made with flavors ranging from pumpkin spice to candied apples and Bloomberg reports. Their sales are up eight percent year over year ying-ling. America's oldest brewery is on trend. The beer makers teamed up with another Pennsylvania icon to make gangling Hershey's chocolate porter. The dark beer was such a hit at bars and restaurants last fall that the company is. Rolled it out in bottles this year Yuengling two hundred year old dark brewed porter is infused with Hershey's cocoa chocolate Syrup and chocolate nibs bruise and they're not the only company putting a sweet twist on their bubbly bruce a much newer player on the beer scene is giving trader. Joe's some sweet treats for the Beer Aisle Hollywood park craft brewery has recreated the. Flavors of TJ's popular speculation cookie butter spread in beer form. The grocers cookie butter spread has developed a bit of a cult following people actually buy it at TJ's and resell it online. The beer version is made with Hoven Ella, beans, milk sugar, and toasted coconut in review the website pop sugar declared that speculative cookie butter beer quote tastes like Christmas in a bottle. TJ's has also worked with another brewer to develop a coffee peanut butter cup porter, which is a dark beer brewed with chocolate malt coffee and peanut butter powder. Perfect for those who want to drink their after dinner traits. If you have a sweet tooth, these seasonal libations may be welcome news but pastry stoute's and desert beers differ from more mass market brews in another way crack open corona or Heineken, and the alcohol content is about five percent alcohol by volume or a B.. Desert Beers are upwards of eight percent a b a pint of cookie butter beer has nearly double the alcohol content of your regular glass of Suds. That's because the sweet beers are made with more sugar with. VERTU, to alcohol during the brewing process. So imbibers beware these beers pack a punch and the calorie count isn't going to help your six pack either as we head into fall in the holiday season celebrating with Desert Beers can give you a sweet treat and warm buzz and glass or bottle. The bad news is that they make that fourteen fifteen. Stick around a little longer and.

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