New York is built on crystals on quote, quartz crystals and hundreds and thousands of people every


You do it spiritually like you're like a lot of the men of Americans would do where they would bless this. They would thank the animal and be grateful and make the animals not suffer. And that wasn't sport that you're hunting for. The quality of the meat would be a lot much more. High quality and it's really important to, um know that the cycle of life is a cycle of rights and you want to make it as peaceful as possible. And flow is energetically. Purest dew and vampires like quality, stressed animals or not quality. Absolutely. Let's go to Charles and elegant Texas. Hey, Charles, How are you? A pretty good I was gonna act. I wouldn't have come Thie. Father's about. I went out from the, uh you know, the I maybe have. I don't really have that much of an issue with it. But last year I had built up a lot of You could say energy, I guess And ah, you know, Pete to the point where I was sitting in a place And this lady comes along and she says, Oh, are you some kind of enlightened, you know, being or something like that, and and then she started you started. Give me a hug. And I could feel you know my energy during, uh of me,

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