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Parts New York's governor targeting Corona virus Hot spots down to the city block New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announcing a new micro targeting strategy that allows officials to cast a much now or net in identifying new Corona virus outbreaks. There's no more statewide Regional Literally. Block by block with specific targeting. Cuomo says widespread testing is the key when you're doing that level of tests think about that 160,000 tests in one day. Yes, you get down to the block level meaning now we know exactly where the cases are coming from. Dave Packer, ABC NEWS New York as the pandemic continues a reminder to get your flu shot. My recommendation is to get it as soon as possible. If you can get it, get it today because it's it's never been more important. ABC News Medical contributor Doctor Darien Sutton An update on the grisly attack that killed a schoolteacher near Paris by beheading him. Authorities say the suspect is an 18 year old Chechen refugee who was known to intelligence officials and posted a claim of responsibility. Online teacher Samuel Peattie was killed for discussing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad with his class and act considered by many Muslims to be offensive. 18 suspect was killed by police, his parents, grandfather and brother among nine people arrested in the case. This is ABC News. You're a smart, hardworking roofing contractor. Save time with the beacon Pro

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