GM Reveals All-Electric Hummer


Had been waiting for an all new all electric version of the Hummer designed for off road and on road use, and with acceleration that would have been impossible in a combustion engine version. We talked with GM President Mark Royce about where this new Hummer will fit in the marketplace. JMC is really the on ly premium truck brand out there. If you think about it. Most of their competitors are brand extensions for that, So we have GMC and we have homer. In a premium channel for trucks, and that's a very distinguishable piece of what we're doing with both brands you have the 84 84 acts and things like that for for GMC. I think you'll see that that grow. But then you have the Hummer. You know, the Hummer model under the GMC umbrella as well, which is sort of the ultimate off road piece of that so very carefully designed and executed with different attributes, different designs and different gotta market strategies. Mark you mentioned competitors. Let's talk about competitors in the E V space you have for now, with a 1 50 evey they've announced you've got, of course, Tesla with their pickup truck. How does this compare this Hummer evey year? The direct competitors against Are you going for a somewhat different market? I think it's like nothing else on believe it that this truck is is very different from What are competitors have described most recently with the peace of the light duty pickup truck, and then a few quite a few months back with What with the other electric only competitors is doing with their truck and I don't I don't really know until we see those come into the marketplace with those trucks are but I can tell you what this is, and this is Right now, Like nothing else. Talk about what may be a sister truck. The badger from Nikola GM obviously announced a fairly large arrangement with nickel a lot of controversy around it. Is the badger going forward. Do you see that? Is something complimentary to what you're doing? The Humber evey? Well, you know, we won't sell in market that truck That will be Nicholas. That's what Nick was doing. And the big difference there is that truck will will have a fuel cell. And so it's still a fuel cell electric truck but quite different or offering with our lt impacts on the pure electric Hummer so very different. But as far as you know, the badger and the nickel deal is going forward. Right now we're going forward and so exciting piece of this is Taking what is I believe the best fuel cell in the world with our fuel cell that is made in our joint venture with Honda right here in Michigan on DH, taking that fuel cell and looking at deploying it in the heavy duty transport market. With large trucks. You know, the class seven and eight and then also in the light duty badger truck that you mentioned. So, yes. So with the Hummer If you put this in the larger context of General Motors and its move into electric vehicles, you've announced the lyric the Cadillac lyric. Now they have the Hummer. Evey is understanding. There's a bold UV coming out as well. How does this fit into the overall portfolio that you're developing? And what comes next? It's a great question. If you look at the way we've designed the platforms, both on the A truck platform are BT Battery Electric truck platform and then are better electric vehicle platform. Those two dedicated platforms are quite different. Onda approach is quite different than many others that are in introducing electric vehicles. Reason why I say that is because again we're deploying our module or pack are multi M battery source out of our Lordstown plant in Ohio. That is Designed and executed to be high volume. And the reason why that's important again for the customer and for for the market is because we can really take because of scale. And chemistry that we've developed. In fact, right here we have a chemistry developing lab for ourselves and our packs right here at the Tech center in Warren, Michigan. That quick development of chemistry and then deploying that chemistry and our lt impacts is really the secret time driving that cost down so that we can offer Not only Hummers and Cadillacs, but Eve's and beyond for the mass market piece of our other brands that do higher volume and right in the heart of the market, like Chevrolet and Chevrolet crossovers, trucks, all of those vehicles and so this has been really, really done very carefully. And that goes also into the electric motors that we're doing ourselves. That was GM President Mark Royce on the All new Hummer evey coming out of thin next year for Bloomberg. First word news. We go

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