Can Gus Work at Apple? - #619


I've got. Down Gavin. Why Tall? What guests it's Barbra. And Gus Shirt Barbara I just noticed it right now. I didn't notice it. Before we went live attacked him. Two weeks you baby Yoda episodes. Maybe Mental Oriental. What what's up with their marketing like I feel like I've seen two things about it, and that's that's been you know to hold things. I think that they don't care. It's like you've either got plus you don't think. You know it's like they're not gonna get anywhere else like everyone who everyone who wants to everyone who's excited about it already has it probably in the men's guy quit. So. I'm going to address that Pedro Pascal there were rumors, but that's just horsh. It gets people trying to stir up star wars drama and I actually reached out to a couple of people that are like really big in the community in have like back. You know behind the scenes connections in there like nuts shifts star wars has drama less good. It's like, Lucasfilm, I think they have a policy of not responding to. Fan Speculation. people are speculating, Pedro, Pascal equipment season they just. Are. Tied but no, that's not the case that play Gladys Yulara why does he like Christmas or something won't listen to all? Thirty Oh fuck isn't there a neutral today. There's a new thing today isn't there well, air tweeting out that you can tweet them, and then they'll tweet you when it happens tweet. You. Can. Tweet to everyone they're going to individually reply to everyone to let them know that there's a trailer. Yeah have you know they'll let you know whatever the new episode is out. Have you not seen that but marking thing? Were they say tweet US repeated this thing, and then we will tweet you win a new episode like it's almost like when you sign up for alerts if something is out of stock on a website. So if you put in your email address, they'll contact you when it's available. So it's kind of like this through twitter, right? What you're saying. Yeah. So there's one account divide designed entirely just. tweets anyone else think this is entirely stupid or the only one I mean to me. It's like if you're super lazy and you want to know like you see tweet about something like Yod, like to know in that comes out too lazy to do follow up. Let's just have them tweet me when it's out so I don't even have to look. Like that would that voice in that? Like late, just leaving his. Mouth just from the as it's easy. What got super fucking hyped for hey looking at home desk. Wow. The ghost in the shell. Show. I totally missed when that got released I didn't watch until he week after out is a good. I liked it. It's A. The buy. Yes, yeah standalone complex twenty, forty, five I just finished watching season one of standalone complex this past weekend and about start to enter watch starts to yesterday but. I didn't maybe I'll start it after this podcast. It's still good. It's still it's a great show. I think the I remember at the time it came out Gotham was it like two, thousand, three, two, thousand, four like animation looked incredible. I was blown away and now we want you. All right. How much that changes? It's so good. I just bought the BLU ray we were talking about this yesterday and I just got the blue in the mail today. Don't don't destroy the illusion that we talked about this already beforehand. Wherever you. Here I. We save all of our conversations for the podcast to talk with our community. That's right. That's right. I've been watching. Haunting Hill House because I'm trying to watch blind man I. Don't WanNa Watch that. I. So I'm just catching up. It's Spooky hope it's scary I also last night watched episode. Six. Manager No. Episodes of

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