Nicolas Cage Hosts ‘History of Swear Words’ Series on Netflix


Cage. Scott is doing a new netflix series on explaining the history of swear words. Now anyone that knows me personally knows that off the air now. I think people that listen to the radio may mean maybe surprised by this but listeners who occasionally encounter me on the streets Will find out. I curse a lot and now you've known me for a very long time. So you know that. I curse lauren. Brandi ideal with very regularly obviously have known for awhile too. And they know that. I am a cursor so i am absolutely fascinated in this series and we actually have a preview brought. He found the i. Guess the trailer for this. Netflix series with nicholas cage. Let's hear it is a thing of great wonder quivering with complexity strength and resilience however also buried with them. A delicate femininity and there are even say nuttiness look one way and you see a gentle feline innocence with another way homeboy. Yes it has the power to steer our souls an intoxicated. our minds men have died for it. Women have moved in with each other way too soon for it and to fully capture its essence. We must plunge unafraid deep within enchanted garden. Roll my friends. We are so close now. Fisher is upon the very house of life and death the temple of sexuality and a term for that kid too afraid to play dodge ball in gym class behold also could be a cat now right so that sold me because it was weird weird. He's guest stars on this show called. The history of swear words will include comedians like D'auray davis mike eagle nikki. Glasser pattie harrison. London hughes jim jefferies. Nick offerman sarah silverman and isaiah woodlock junior. So i'm in. Are you in. So i again. Nicholas cage freaks me out a little bit. I don't know why he's i. Think of nicholas cage in the movie face off with john travolta that movie very strange do nocholas cage and then was the movie was called leaving las vegas where he's like this evening drunk. Yeah yeah yeah. Elizabeth shue might be right. Yeah nicholas cage kind of freaks me out a little bit. So he's awareness day by like some crazy like dinosaur like head or something like that like at an auction one time for like millions and millions of dollars and he's got like an elvis fetish right it. Wasn't he married. lisa. Marie yes he was. Yeah i did not know that. He freaks me out a weird way now. The premise of the show the history or the the depth of the history of cursing in the english language. Yeah very curious. I like to curse a lot too. Sometimes it turns people off. I've just always believed just talk the way you talk wrecked and so. I'm interested in the premise freaks. Me out. that's all okay. Fair enough

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