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Committed is brought to you by subaru. Nikola have been proud subaru owner since about a month after we got married. So i'm very excited to tell you that. Over the last. Twelve years subaru of america inc and it's participating participating retailers have donated more than one hundred and seventy six million dollars to help those in need through their subaru share the love event. Here's just one example of the great stuff they've been able to do through the share the love event. The aspca has had a significant impact on the rescue transport wellbeing adoption of more than sixty four thousand animals across the country. So you can get a great vehicle and support a great. 'cause with every new subaru purchased or leased subaru will donate two hundred and fifty dollars to your choice of charities. This is all happening. November nineteen th through january fourth. Shared the left. I'm debbie brown. The host of the dropping gems podcast a podcast about the depth and potential personal growth. No one's journey is the same as the next but

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