A highlight from Trump loses last ditch SCOTUS case, locking in his loss to Biden


Beata. Maria melber. We start with breaking news. The supreme court is rejecting tonight. A last ditch effort that was trying to challenge president. Biden's victory over president trump. This is a new order. That flatly and completely rejects any effort to challenge biden's win in pennsylvania another loss for a trump gop strategy that has become legally futile a scattershot complaints and challenges in different states. That to be clear would not individually change the outcome of biden's victory. No what happened even if they were more successful. But what. I'm reporting tonight. New from the supreme court is even these little ineffectual. Piecemeal efforts are completely failing. Now what does it look like when your case is so weak. It doesn't even merit a trial or supreme court arguments or a detailed set of rulings right now. It is very short and it's very simple. Consider this brief text both civics lesson and a legal burn for the giuliani led strategy. Because it only takes one sense. We'll show you specifically to see how the justices shot down this last ditch gambit. You're looking on your screen at the entire ruling tonight. This came within the last hour. Raise the application for injunctive. Relief presented the justice alito and by him referred to the court is denied period. End of story and of case game over this is short. This is decisive. Could tell you know. Judge on the court noted descent or disagreement the court as a majority of republican justices of course three appointed by president trump himself. So it's pretty striking what's happening tonight. Meanwhile lower courts continue to toss cases before they even get to the high court. Look at this new ruling. Judge in michigan noting. This ship has sailed regarding any effort to challenge. Biden's win they're the people have spoken and tonight's last legal gasps calms. The united states hits a deadline. Tonight that we've been reporting on for you. You may recall that we've been tracing how all these different election results are processed that there are rules for this that the rules must be followed that even a powerful income commander in chief cannot change them and that is why we knew long before tonight that there was no avenue left for donald trump to reverse the national outcome underlaw by midnight tonight. All states must formalized their final results. They must close off. Any remaining pending challenges recounts or audits. So this is how it ends after all the puffery or the lies or the claims of fraud with no evidence which trump's lawyers ultimately dropped when forced to discuss those claims under oath. That's a forum. Where lying can become a crime. I tell you tonight here. We are take a deep breath. Take it in whether you like it or not facts matter. The law governs the constitution. Is the final word in our country and it ends like this with states following the federal constitutional rules to lock in the results. The results here were biden. Winning and trump losing a republicans are reduced to offering basically meaningless symbolic acts of petty objection on behalf of their lame duck leader. Today's move delaying the resolution. That would start. Planning for a biden. Harris inauguration eight percent of republican members of congress still won't admit by one according to a washington post count that is about power and pettiness. It's not about the facts of the results or the rule of law that we just walked through. We know that because even those in trump's own orbit publicly concede to depress. It's over and that is the context for one final piece of pr. That might be easy to misunderstand. If you only saw headline blaring across your phone or social media it might be easy to misinterpret with everything. I just told you you can bring the proper lens to apr stunt by someone who knows better was educated through law school to know. Better the texas attorney general. Picking this last ditch. Last minute effort to sue other states like wisconsin michigan to flip their results for no reason. The other states responded. This is an obvious publicity stunt and they genuinely embarrassing lawsuit. The embarrassment maybe in the eye of the beholder but tonight it is striking that after everything you just saw a federal deadline in law which all attorneys-general know about this is the moment a new lawsuit drops when it literally is too late to do anything it cannot change anything real lawyers trying to win real cases. Start early to win to be on. Time whatever's going on down in texas whatever lawyering that is whatever you wanna call it is not designed and it cannot change the outcome and this is how this race ends different than every other but in one important way tonight similar to every other race. We've had it is the law and the constitution that protects the results the acts of any last desperate politicians. I wanna bring experts now gene robinson the pulitzer prize winning writer for the washington post choice. Vance a former federal prosecutor me casey from the washington post as well as political reporter. Good evening to all of you and jean. How do you take in the duality of the system. In this way working amidst all of this ridiculousness absolutely. I mean i think tonight and you you literally can say to the extent there was actually a game. You can say game over. I mean the supreme court. There's no mention of any dissent by any justices decision to to to to deny sir on this on this Or to deny the you know the motion for injunctive relief and just sort of batted away end of story and this certainly of means to me. At least i'll defer to to to joyce who is my expert at all legal in you but but it certainly means that ridiculous texas I don't know if you could even call it a lawsuit with texas wouldn't overcharged or other states election results We'll meet a similar fate. Because it's it's so absurd. Well this pennsylvania case was one. Bet that ted cruz. Senator ted cruz. Who clerked the supreme court. Thought had such merit that he offered publicly to deliver the oral arguments in this case but there is no argument to deliver. This is ridiculous. This is over and supreme court dismayed that really crystal clear tonight. Yeah to paraphrase. Perry mason ain't gonna be no oral argument for ted cruz to get. There's no case there. And again i think it's important because part of our job is to just give people the clarity of the context and they can make up their own minds. There are close legal questions voter. Id for example is something that's been controversial for its discriminatory impact but which has had the luminous oral argument big cases that supreme court upheld versions of it right. Those are what i would say is a closer call explained to everyone why this one line this one piece of paper line from a unanimous supreme court is the opposite of a close call. You don't have to be a good lawyer to understand that. This bevy of cases trump and trump supporters have filed are not meritorious. It's not a close call as you say and the supreme court with absolutely no dissent makes abundantly clear tonight that this case has so little merit that they are not even willing to entertain briefing or argument or any sort of further process on this case simply ended it out of hand and it is over. There could not be more glaring smackdown of a case than the one it has delivered here. Yeah as you say. They've heard enough legally and courts. Make it their business to hear both sides of what we call as you said a meritorious non frivolous legitimate cases. Even if they still we're gonna ultimately say yeah your life reverse. Pa now we gotta here though. They don't even need to hear it. That's all of the law liberty this is all infused of course in politics including the intramural politics on the right where there has been a lot of tension.

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