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J. dot il the podcast. I am joined by my amazing brilliant girlfriends. Lions saint claim. What i know and agia graydon dance. Hey all we are going to be talking about a lot of amazing things things that need to be spoken about like individuality family and black black. We are hoping that these conversations will get you talking to let me be upfront eight july and i we will. Now hold back. There are things that need to be said and it may make you uncomfortable. It may make you a little angry. It may make you get up and spark a revolution so here. Let me show home. Woman w. h. o. Elder don't ever try to wash turkey at getting how which mum about to say these young people. I am a bitch on five. Sorry forgot ruta to tutor. And where do you come from that. You don't know the head now with you. Come from these boxes are breaking down. We question everything now in mind my business next i. I've i've white headed. Somebody actually sent a box of condoms to my house. One of you working hard. And i get no rest so you can live the fast life fast light. Blackness does not crack sure does crease. Eight no cookout in fights that a single. Don't talk about my mama days. That's that's how. I ended up getting hit in the head with a brick. You're allowed this shit. You just to back. I just love the funnest motherfuckers on the planet and then until tell you that. My mother put an exclamation point on my birth certificate. Is there any way to create some new cultural tradition. That they're not they don't want in on messy. Okay yes that's a lie. So reality is titled period came into fringe connection. When i was working on south street and i sold him a shirt. As i was saying my mouth i was like damn i. That's not. that's not their feminist paying them fight in skirt however your methods are not acceptable. Oh this is conversation. To spark conversation.

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