Riding with Farm Animals in Columbia, Taxi Accident in Rome, and Traveling in a Converted Van


I'm bob neat. And taraji and today's drivers are jewels and christine professional travelers content creators and podcasters. They've been on the road for over ten years exploring all the world has to offer and met while traveling impro- back in two thousand twelve working at a disaster relief nonprofit. They have been traveling together. Twenty four seven ever since along the way they started a travel blog called. Don't forget to move which over the years has become their fulltime job and now focuses on adventure travel and responsible tourism helping their audience. Experience the world in a more sustainable way. They also hosts a podcast nonstop bon voyage which is a comedic travel. Podcast where they talk about all things that can go wrong while on the road and today this shared with us some of those few things that went wrong while they were on the road such as having survived with farm animals in columbia and their adventures in their converted ban. Welcome deals and christine. Thanks so much for joining us today. Thank you so much for happiness having us so. I know you guys are big travelers. And i'm super excited to hear all your stories because i'm sure you have a really crazy ones from all the places you've been. Let's start with which one you think. Is the craziest driving story of them all. Oh we have definitely had a little crazy driving stories a lot of the time. It's not driving as self And the one that definitely comes to mind at the start would be al time. In northern colombia. Traveling at will play kabale. Bella which is pretty much a middle of norway pursuing. It's almost the northernmost point of south america and it's not a allowed to travelers go. They say it's kind of like the wild west of columbia so it's pretty far off the beaten track and even just to get it takes a bit of emission. He goes had couple of buses in a couple of different small mini vans. And then you finally get to a little place called arabia where you take you jump into a full and this is not your standard full by full. This is a four by four that has been so personally modified to have sate. Elise a dozen people in the back. Try like a pickup truck and the journey. There is four hours of bumping around in sloshing around in the mud depending on the season being crammed with about a dozen people into a full person seda and picking up a lot of livestock along the way like chickens and guards in all kinds of crazy things. So you are basically crammed in the back of this four by four with at least a dozen other people of course all locals. We were the only other travelers who went that far. I guess and then random animals start coming in so we had piglets on the floor. We had baby goats on the floor at a chicken on my lap at one stage. I think i had a baby on my lab. I wonder if we had a little baby. Sir whose baby was but there was a lot of south coming in and on our way back out was the same thing tons of livestock tons of animals just like feathers everywhere and we were leaving very early in the morning. It was maybe four. Am before it was even light out. And we were stopping at all of these farms in little houses along the way and we had some unexpected visitors strapped to the roof. We had three shoes. Desert tortoises will probably about six foot wide Honestly the biggest ever seen in my life and about five or six men were putting it on top of the roof. I don't know where it was going. The poll seeing but Yeah it was quite a wild ride. Yeah it was literally wild. Ride just filled with animals animal. The funny experience is that common for them to like four turtles or tortoise on the roof that he's definitely how i told us on the roof experienced but it is quite common for them to travel with livestock especially when you're traveling in rural areas in indigenous communities. Quite common for them to you. Know they got the coming from the local markets so they've got a chicken and it's tied up. They've got a guard or luke pig. Hug todd their fate name jumping the boss jump jumping the car and go back home. And that's fairly common. We they call it. Chicken buses in central america raisin. There's a lotta chickens on him. Where the animals with you for most of your trip or like how long were you with. The animals offset hotan. So this place. Here is is pretty oscillated. So this is a few rule. Sort of villages Affiliates little so to commune areas along the way but most of the people going from sort of point either point bay and they traveling with all that livestock eight a two they were bringing it back so yeah pretty much the whole four hours. We will sloshing around in the back of these full by four pickup truck with a whole bunch of animals and people just like one guy with a chicken. Walk it off but then one guy with tj can gets on so it's always balancing let made you choose to go there out of all the places since it's not a very typical worse destination executives and at that point we had spent probably Maybe a year in latin america. And we were just ready to get like pushed the boundaries. And get even far off the beaten track and just really wanted to go where we're not going to be surrounded by backpackers cause of knives and colombia and peru in those countries you kind of end up on the tourist trail and you just get stuck with me. No and it's great. You make a lot of friends that way. But you're kind of sick of just being surrounded by backpackers all the time. So we wanted to go somewhere where it's just all locals. We could really get to know the culture and just push boundaries basically and that seemed like the best option and it was an interesting experience. We're definitely the only travelers we saw their ended up sleeping in hammocks outside of this cabin thing in the wind and the rain and we just wayne in this hammocks is pretty intense but it was beautiful just super rugged pristine landscape out there right on the coast but still very desert and dry and yeah is really gorgeous and we'd heard that the junior was half the adventure and definitely was probably one of fiber journey stories that we tell because destination was out there. But you know we've been traveling for eight years ten years

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